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12 Dec 2016
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08 Jun 2017
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  1. this may have some disagreement, but this is just my opinion

    I think it's pretty low of Universal to choose Nintendo for their new lands. This is Universal Studios. They have countless movies, including the fact that they own Dreamworks and Illumination which opens up a whole extra little collection. Why can't they just use what they have? Is it not enough?

    Okay for example, the whole Despicable Me franchise. They decided to make it a motion simulator. But imagine if they put some thought and effort into it and made it a decent dark ride. I can guarantee it would be a massive hit, even bigger than Harry Potter if they tried. Just saying.

  2. Yeah they definitely did drop the ball at night, definitely not a Pandora. Another oddity are the paths, they just look off color in some spots.

  3. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but based on pictures the lighting looks really harsh at night (almost like it’s being lit by work lights / flood lights).

  4. Really? I think it looks great and accurate, but I can understanding why everyone might not like the plasticy look that some of the newer games have. The good thing for Nintendo is that a lot of people also think it looks good. But I think that you might end up liking the DK Land more since those games have always been detailed.

  5. This land has terrible aesthetics. Worse than Shanghai Toy Story Land and DinoRama - one of the most visually jarring lands ever built by a Major. This is not how a $450 million themed land should look.

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