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12 Dec 2016
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08 Jun 2017
2 ha

  1. DKC during night

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  3. You are correct! According to Google Earth, the original Nintendo World (excluding MarioKart ride building and entry pipe) is ~6500 m^2, and the Donkey Kong expansion is ~8500 m^2. However, if you include MarioKart ride building as part of original Nintendo World, then it is bigger, as the MarioKart building itself is ~6900 m^2 (~13400 m^2 combined, excluding entry pipe).

  4. I read that the new Donkey Kong expansion area is larger than the original Super Nintendo World. Is that true? It seems incredible with only one ride whereas the original area had two?

  5. Because it’s not related to the expansion.

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    No one talking about the closure of the Spiderman Ride on January 22th 2024.
    Rumors speak of a Pokemon attraction

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