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Local Name:
Galaxy's Edge
15 Aug 2015
Construction Start:
14 Apr 2016
29 Aug 2019
10 ha
  1. Google Maps (Satellite) has now been updated to show Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in both Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida & Disneyland Park in California. The Florida images appear to be about 1-2 Months old, while the California images appear to be closer to 5-6 Months old.

  2. PHOTOS: April Construction Update for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios - Blog Mickey

  3. An in-progress animated sequence from the Millennium Falcon attraction was unveiled today. Produced by ILMxLAB and running in real time, it gives fans the first ever glimpse of the incredible detail and immersion the attraction will offer.

    Walt Disney Imagineering teamed with NVIDIA and Epic Games to develop new technology to drive its attraction. When it launches, riders will enter a cockpit powered with a single BOXX chassis packed with eight high-end NVIDIA Quadro P6000 GPUs, connected via Quadro SLI.

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