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Local Name:
Galaxy's Edge
15 Aug 2015
Construction Start:
14 Apr 2016
17 Jan 2020
6 ha

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    Griffith Park and the zoo are not far away, I wonder if someone with a serious zoom lens or a drone could drive up there and get a shot into that backlot where it might be.

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    It's no secret though. If you go on Street View, you can litteraly see the 1096 number in Disney style (similar to Cast Members badges)
    Plus in Google Earth we can see the same technology that was used for Test Track / Journey to Center of the Earth / Cars Land.
    And if you just google the address, WDI results are coming up.

  4. I believe I found their construction/test site for imagineering. It is near the main imagineering building in Glendale. I was looking on google maps. This is my best guess. 1096 Air Way Glendale, CA 91201

  5. Most likely in Glendale, CA or Burbank, CA

    Probably near Walt Disney Imagineering
    1401 Flower St, Glendale, CA 91201

  6. Does anyone know where the vehicles and etc are being constructed? The Millenium Falcon is said to be outside currently and I was wondering if we could see them in Google Earth like we could for the Millenium Falcon that was used in TLJ.

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