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Sochi Park
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Local Name:
Сочи Парк
Construction Start:
30 Jun 2014
19 ha
  1. Developed in cooperation with Jack Rouse Associates (USA), Maxmakers (Switzerland), JLL (Moscow office), Mack Rides and Europa-Park (Germany), Drees and Sommer (Germany), Speech (Russia), Kohlbecker and Architects (Germany), RIKI (Russia).

    “Sochi-Park” main indicators: total site area – 52 ha, development area – 130000 m2, destination development: theme park (adventure land) as anchor, 350-room theme castle-hotel, 13 International Olympic Committee buildings and objects.

    Adventure land area (5 theme lands: Fortress of Warriors, Gate of Fire, Enchanted Forest, City of Science and Fiction, Eco Village) - 20 ha, 35 Rides and in- and outdoor attraction groups. A $300 million all-year-round theme park with 2 million guests annual expected attendance includes top attractions of Mack Rides, Vekoma, Brogent and other partners
    From LinkedIN

  2. Not yet. But the Olympic venues are making good progress, look at this:

  3. Did installation of the rides commence?

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    Russia – Theme park on Olympic campus in Sochi

    A year-round theme park is under construction in the campus for the Winter Olympics 2014. The park will combine state-of-the-art technology and international trends in entertainment with Russian art and folklore. Drees & Sommer is representing the principal as project manager and is responsible for the award of technical contracts.

    The 54-hectare amusement park will offer a wide range of attractions reflecting milestones in the nation’s history as well as excerpts from fairy tales and sagas. The attractions are divided into four thematic areas: an Avenue of Fire with 42 torches representing past Olympic Games host cities, an interactive world of science and fantasy, a world of heroes with characters from Russian literature, and a magic forest with themes from Russian fairy tales. The park will offer leisure and recreational activities for Sochi and the surrounding areas.

    With a capacity of 2.4 million visitors per year, the whole Krasnodar region hopes to benefit from economic development opportunities both during and after the 2014 Winter Olympics. The overall project involves 13 additional subprojects to be completed in time for the Winter Games, including two
    shopping centers, a riverbank park, a Welcome Center, Olympic gardens, as well as luxury and beach hotels. There will also be a building for the
    International Organizing Committee and a residential complex.

    The first phase of the complex with 35 attractions built by leading entertainment industry manufacturers from Germany, the Netherlands and the United States is already under construction. Drees & Sommer is representing the principal as project manager and is responsible for the award of technical contracts and technical supervision.

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    Sochi-Park construction photos

    Please see attached pictures from the Sochi Park site. There are soil preparations and drainage works.

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    More photos

    I was there yesterday, but couldn't come closer, since all roads around are under construction. And at shots which were made can't be so clearly which is construction site of Theme Park. I'll try during next week to go there with jeep and somehow come closer to this site and make some more visible photos. For now you can have at least some idea how it look like. Also I attach a photo of the stadium next to Theme Park.

  7. Sochi-Park will have three roller coasters, two from Mack and one from Vekoma. They are not installed yet!

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    ...and here we go, the very first construction photos of Sochi-Park. Thanks to Vadim for making the effort!

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    Hi, as promissed I did some pictures of the park construction site, but files are too heavy to be attached. I will send it to Stefan to post.

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