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Sochi Park
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Local Name:
Сочи Парк
Construction Start:
30 Jun 2014
19 ha
  1. Sochi-Park now has an official website:

    Lots of artwork here:

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  3. The $300-million Sochi Adventure Park is to open in late 2013, just ahead of the Games, and continue as a year-round theme park after the Olympics end in February.
    Sochi Adventure Park will debut with 35 rides and attractions themed to Russian folklore, sagas, legends and history.

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    Sochi Park update

    Latest construction update, pictures taken in May 2013:

  5. Sochi magic...

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    Visited Sochi two weeks ago. Update coming next month!

  7. Developed in cooperation with Jack Rouse Associates (USA), Maxmakers (Switzerland), JLL (Moscow office), Mack Rides and Europa-Park (Germany), Drees and Sommer (Germany), Speech (Russia), Kohlbecker and Architects (Germany), RIKI (Russia).

    “Sochi-Park” main indicators: total site area – 52 ha, development area – 130000 m2, destination development: theme park (adventure land) as anchor, 350-room theme castle-hotel, 13 International Olympic Committee buildings and objects.

    Adventure land area (5 theme lands: Fortress of Warriors, Gate of Fire, Enchanted Forest, City of Science and Fiction, Eco Village) - 20 ha, 35 Rides and in- and outdoor attraction groups. A $300 million all-year-round theme park with 2 million guests annual expected attendance includes top attractions of Mack Rides, Vekoma, Brogent and other partners
    From LinkedIN

  8. Not yet. But the Olympic venues are making good progress, look at this:

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