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Sochi Park
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Local Name:
Сочи Парк
Construction Start:
30 Jun 2014
19 ha
  1. Article with picture of The Dragon Zmey Gorynych coaster:

  2. Sochi Park, a $371 million theme park that locals call “Putin World” due to Russian president Vladimir Putin’s heavy involvement with its creation, will not be open in time for the Olympics.
    Developers rushed to get the park done by the start of the Winter Games, but it hasn't yet been finished — construction workers continued to make final touches to the site on Tuesday.

    Development has been marred by mysterious distractions, said TODAY’s Matt Lauer, who recounted a story circulating in the area that the oversized steel bolts crucial to attaching the roller coaster to the concrete slabs in the ground somehow got “misplaced.” Russian officials later apparently “found” the bolts after tracking them down.

    The park’s hotel, which lights up at night, is reportedly fully occupied but there's no official word about who the tenants are. Word on the street, however, has it that members of the Dutch and Sri Lankan royal families are staying there.

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    Aerial images from earlier this month

    Copyright Google Earth and DigitalGlobe. These were shot about one month ago:

    And this one more recently (look at the changes inside Sochi Park!):

  4. Yes: 02/08/2014

  5. Will it be open by the Olympics?

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    Latest pictures of Sochi Park:

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  8. See also more photos of the Sochi Park themed by TAA on our Facebook page TAA - Theming and Animatronics Industries:

    Christian Angenvoort

  9. I am not from Russia but I am so tired of this constant Russia bashing in the English speaking press. The theme park looks fantastic and I wish you good luck and success with hosting the Olympics!!

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