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Sochi Park
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Local Name:
Сочи Парк
Construction Start:
30 Jun 2014
19 ha
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    The number of water attactions in Sochi Park continues to grow as the construction of "Sea Princess" extreme flume is coming to an end in summer 2022.

    "Sochi Park keeps on stirring the imagination of its visitors even today. Our territory has been expanded to accomodate a few unique attractions, and this expansion started with the installation of a gigantic water flume "Sea Princess", Europe's first ride of such size." - says the Sochi Park General manager Luydmila Kuznetzova.

    Steep rises on gondolas and panoramic views from 12 meters above ground, a rapid drop with a free-fall effect from three waterfalls and a huge six-meter wave - the area of 5,500 square meters is already being prepared for an extreme water attraction in Sochi Park. The giant flume can roll 60 people at a time. This entertainment is designed for guests who are at least 120 cm tall.

    Sochi Park is the first theme park in Russia which embraces its culture and history. A large variety of attractions situated in the heart of the 2014 Olympic Games venue ranks among top-25 best theme parks of Europe winning numerous international awards since 2015.

  2. "Sea Princess" – new opening in Sochi Park! Coming in 2023!

    Sochi Park continues bringing positive emotions and great news! We are pleased to announce that a new extreme attraction "Sea Princess" will soon appear in Sochi park!

    Soon you will be able to enjoy steep gondola rides and panoramic views from a height of 12 meters, a rapid free-fall descent from three waterfalls and a huge spread of a six-meter wave. This attraction is unique because it is the first one in Europe and only the second one in the world of this type of slides, which will accommodate about 60 guests with a height of 120 cm or more. Area of 5500 m2 is already being prepared for the "Sea Princess" – What a truly royal scale!

    The opening of a new extreme attraction is scheduled for the summer of 2023. And this is just the beginning, because over the course of several years, seven more unique attractions are planned to be installed in Sochi Park!


  3. Brand-new pics showing the park in operation:

  4. Sochi Park is officially open now.

    30 June, 17:32
    Sochi Park: "Russian Disneyland" opens its doors

    Photo source: Voice of Russia, RIA Novosti

  5. Video shot inside the park:

    Paul Beck says the park will be fully operating by July 2014.

  6. Sochi Park is open and accessible free of charge for all Olympic guests. The two coasters and other major rides are not running yet.

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