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Sochi Park
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Local Name:
Сочи Парк
Construction Start:
30 Jun 2014
19 ha
  1. Hello from Russia. Here I present recent photographs I found on internet

  2. Olympic cluster. Can clearly spot the Sochi theme park. Photos copyright

  3. Sochi theme park construction update video, uploaded 2 months ago:

  4. Recent helicopter vid. Can spot the theme park, as well:

  5. Sochi Olympic Park during Christmas:


  6. It's not cold in Sochi. Weather is similar to New Zealand: 10 °C in winter and 25 °C in summer. Perfect for a theme park opening year-round.

  7. I wonder how they 'll be able to run theses coasters in the cold weather .

  8. Mack and Vekoma coasters. Source

  9. Awesome new website

  10. Coaster loop nearly complete:

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