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Sochi Park
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Local Name:
Сочи Парк
Construction Start:
30 Jun 2014
19 ha
  1. I will definitely do some on Monday.

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    Sochi theme park location on Google Earth

    According to this layout plan...

    ...the theme park is going to be here (DigitalGlobe image from May 2011):

  3. I am told that Sochi is the biggest construction site of the world right now. Is that true?

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    @Vadim, can we see photos somewhere online? Or do you live close-by? Can you take some?

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    Hi, yes park is going on. Theme Hotel is already almost on 2d floor level!

  6. Here's a little bit more to see from this model. Please note the big buildings in the background are structures build for the 2014 Olympics. When the Olympics will be finished, this buildings will become part of the theme park. This is the plan today.

  7. @IamfromSochiRussianFederation, please send photos, yes!

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    Mack delivers rides to Sochi

    Waldkircher roller coasters for the Olympic Winter Games
    The main attraction at the theme park planned for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia comes from Waldkirch: The carousel and roller coaster manufacturer Mack Rides offers two rides and a giant coffee cups made up of Carousel.

    For Mack, the financial means to enter the Russian market. The company made to the volume of the order not specified. In Sochi's plans to build a 30-acre amusement park. According to Mack, Managing Director, Christian Freiherr von Elverfeldt attract repeat business, the Russian theme park should be expanded in subsequent years.
    The family business was founded Mack Rides 1780th By his own account, it is one of the four largest roller coaster manufacturers in the world. The 90 employees and reported to an annual turnover of 30 million €. Exports account for more than 90 percent. Production is in the small town of Waldkirch. Emerging from the company in 1975, the Europa Park in Rust (Ortenaukreis), the largest amusement park in Germany.

    "Blue Fire" will be built again

    1,000 meters of steel rails has been formed Mack for the delivery to Sochi, the seats are installed, install the safety rail. Among the three rides, which are initially supplied by Waldkirch to Russia, is one of the largest roller coasters, the company has ever designed and manufactured. The almost 40 meter-high looping roller coaster "Blue Fire", which is for three years at Europa-Park Rust in operation, was first built again. In 2.5 seconds, passengers will be accelerated from zero to 100 kilometers per hour. Mack builds for Sochi, the "Wild Mouse".

    "What is needed is German engineering, especially with regard to the safety of the rides," says Elverfeldt. Serves recreational parks around the globe. The export share of Mack Rides is more than 90 percent. Give rides off the shelf, it is not: "It is important to embed the rides in the environment," said von Elverfeldt. The industry has changed fundamentally in recent years. Traveling showmen or circus companies, once the main client of the company to lose more and more important. In its place, amusement parks have emerged. There's not just about records. The motto "faster, higher, stronger" the question had given way, as the family-friendly attractions.

  9. Hello Everybody! Do not worry. I am from Sochi Russian Federation and I promise theme park under construction right away. Many many cranes on a site!!! Maybe I sent pictures soon....

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