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Six Flags Dubai
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Local Name:
الأعلام الستة دبي
Former Name(s):
Six Flags Dubailand
04 Mar 2008
Construction Start:
03 Jul 2016
on hold
19 ha
  1. It’s not true Six Flags Dubai is not cancelled

  2. Do you have any proof of the contractors leaving?

  3. The contractor has already left the premises due to non-payment.

  4. Six Flags Dubai will be cancelled. They just don't have the funds to build it. Announcement of a 'delay' will be made later this year.

  5. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Dec 2015
    More work going on than I have seen before but no way this is opening within the next 18 months.

  6. uaeprojects is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Aug 2016
    For six flags, the contractor signed and the work is going well.

  7. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Bad news for funding the next stages of their projects as their stock price continues to fall and is predicted to get worse. They are in danger of being removed from the list of emerging markets stock listings which has given investors confidence thus far.

    Theme-park owner DXB Entertainments PJSC, whose stock has tumbled more than 30 percent this year, could be poised for a deeper slide starting next month.
    The shares have already slumped almost 3.6 times more than Dubai’s equity benchmark as the operator of a Legoland and a Bollywood-inspired attraction reorganizes debt and visitor numbers fall short of targets. That may worsen if the decline in market value prompts MSCI Inc. to cut the stock from its emerging-market index next month.

    While the number of park visitors fell short of projections last year, it was 45 percent higher in the first quarter than the same period in 2017, the company said on April 12. It is sticking with a plan to open a Six Flags-branded park in Dubai in 2019, Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Almulla said last month.

  8. Credit: theparklifekid

  9. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Glad to see the progress below as figures from the sites this week have been worrying.

    Dubai Parks and Resorts — which includes Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, and Legoland Dubai — reported 2.3 million visitors last year, with 796,000 coming in the fourth quarter, when the weather is better in the United Arab Emirates. However, that works out to fewer than 9,000 visitors a day across the three parks during their busiest quarter.
    DXB Entertainments, the company that owns the Dubai Parks and Resorts complex, has announced that it lost Dh1.11 billion (US$302 million) in 2017
    The Dubai parks averaged slightly more than 2,000 visitors per park per day over the year last year. We do not know the actual breakdown between the parks, however.

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