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Six Flags Dubai
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  1. Uaeprojects has already said the park was delayed until end of 2020.

  2. " Likely" ???????

    There is nothing there except a bit of infrastructure.

    And it is already the end of January 2019.

    Not going to happen any time soon. Impossible for 2019.

  3. The Outlet Village is located at the doors of Dubai Parks and it’s performing well. Location is not THE main issue. Look at Disneyland, or DLP, and many other parks for that matter: they were initially built in empty zones, far from downtowns. Eventually the cities have grown around.

    Yes a metro link would have been great but also prohibitively expensive. It will come though. And I believe free buses are provided from some major locations/hotels in Dubai.

  4. While this project is still going under review including the new design of Six Flags Dubai, DXB Entertainments will likely push back the opening date of Six Flags Dubai from the tentatively 2019 opening date.

  5. Most of the the rides are generic with SF IP overlays. There is no issues with relocating the ride to another DXB Ent's asset or selling on. The issue is the rides were purchased with equity designated for the SF project. It isn't a simple transfer of asset.

  6. Dubai is not New York or London where space is a premium. The location is horrendous.

  7. At the moment it can't be denied it's a terrible location. Even if you agree with your argument that the area will grow in the future it's still a terrible location.

    Strategically you need a balance for planning a city, yes you have to think of the future - but even just looking at a basic map the stategic decision to place this park so far from the main downtown area is bewildering.

    Whilst waiting for the area around it to build up, etc (which could be a decade or more) you lose volume of money, goodwill of any fan base, and a general lack of buzz for the park.

    Whoever decided to locate the park in this area needs to hand their heads in shame.

    I do agree, one hope maybe to extend the metro line to the area - if this is possible. Transport options to the parks are diabolical, even some taxi drivers have never heard of it.

  8. Planning long term is great. As long as you offer a temporary solution until you grow in to your environment.

    This has not been done.

    There is nothing out there at the moment, so it is not easy to get to, nor do people want to go.

    And even with deep pockets, losing hundreds of millions of dollars each year can only happen for so long.

    Extend the metro line now, and it will certainly help a lot. Or at the least, offer a free shuttle from Dubai Mall, Battuta Mall and Mall of the Emirates.

  9. Dubai is slated to grow and expand towards this site... Dubai Parks & Resorts is located in a great long-term location (halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, near the future Itl airport, near the Expo 2020 site, along the main Sheikh Zayed Road, and just south of Palm Jebel Ali which will rival Palm Jumeirah in the future). Metro will link it one day too.

    They planned long term. They always do, they don't expect immediate profits.

  10. In hindsight this whole project has been built in the wrong place.

    Dubai has so much space, that it beggars belief those in charge chose such a poor location away from the main central locations.

    Had it been more central, you would have seen more visitors popping in. As it is, the distance, location, makes it less likely you get people visiting off the cuff. Shame as the project has so much potential.

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