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Six Flags Dubai
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  1. The project is on hold indefinitely like all the recent DXB projects put on hold indefinitely. In layman's language, the project is closed.

  2. Dubai Parks and Resorts laid off a large majority of their Project team yesterday and some other staff. I suspect that the original author may have a greater insight than the remainder of us. Realistically the halting or closing of the Six Flags project makes sense. DPR is running at a massive loss no matter how we wish to sugar coat it and the last thing they need is an additional park to further dilute individual park attendance. I really do think the original comment is gaining validity.

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    Get your facts straight, it is not on hold, the main facility works are being tendered as we speak. Tender queries are being answered as recently as 28 August 2017.

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    Where do you see that its on hold?

  6. @Billy32, not closed, but on hold. This is not a rumor. Watch and see.

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    This project is closed ..

  8. EXCLUSIVE: Dubai tenders Six Flags theme park construction deal.

    Second phase of the Dubai Parks development is to be completed in time for 2020 Expo

  9. Pictures from 2 months ago:

    Photo Credit: theparklifekid

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    Construction on the Six Flags theme park is progressing per plan and it is expected that DXB Entertainment will start drawing down on the available finance facility for the project towards the end of this year. At the end of the quarter seven ride agreements had been signed, and close to 90 per cent of the design works completed.

    Sources: and

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