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Six Flags Dubai
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Local Name:
الأعلام الستة دبي
Former Name(s):
Six Flags Dubailand
04 Mar 2008
Construction Start:
03 Jul 2016
on hold
19 ha
  1. benic85 is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Sep 2008

    Source and more photos: El Blog de Benic

  2. benic85 is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Sep 2008
    A superimposed map of Six Flags Dubai vs Google Earth:


    Views from my room:

    The entrance of the Park:

    The Backstage's Buildings:

    General views:

    I hope to see soon the final design map of the park!

  3. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    DPR have released their visitor figures from 2017. They are, not surprisingly, pretty poor and they have made a lot of "overall" figures to not declare paying park customers.

    Though individual figures are not provided for the three main theme parks at the integrated resort – Legoland Dubai, Bollywood Parks and Motiongate movie park – that means an annual average attendance of less than 800,000. Numbers increased significantly in the fourth quarter of the year, when 796,000 visits were recorded across the resort, a 66% leap compared to the previous quarter. It is not known how many came just to visit the Riverland dining and retail district.
    They are also restructuring and backing out the decisions to split the business operations which were made in early 2017. It's a cost-saving exercise and will have implications on how the Six Flags is operated.

    Meanwhile DXB has announced an operational restructuring of the company, combining the Theme Parks and Retail & Hospitality divisions that were separated earlier in 2017. Ahmad Hussain, previously general manager of Theme Parks, has been appointed deputy CEO, whilst former GM of Retail & Hospitality Ahmed AlRayyes is now chief commercial officer.

  4. Another construction update video was uploaded

    credit: theparklifekid

  5. Youtube video credit theparklifekid

  6. Sebastian is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    It seems like construction has finally commenced:


  7. Sebastian is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Feb 2017
    Six Flags Dubai will be opening a so called "E-Motionboard" ride:

    The first E-Motionboard will find it’s Home at Six Flags Dubai. The virtual reality flying theatre is going to be a great addition! Check it some photos from our packed press conference this morning.


  8. Let's get real! DXB share price is at an all time low with borrowing from the parent company on the increase. The visitation is well below forecast. In simple terms the current strategy is a monumental flop. What is in the making is a Global Village number Two at considerable expense to the investors and guests. The reduced Six Flags is another indication that DXB is going down hill fast. The vision and strategy was to create a place for children and teenagers to vist to live a dream, instead they get a Global Village mentality. The previous CEO got it right! He employed global theme park professionals to plan, develop, build and manage the parks and resort. It's time to bring Raed back in to retake the reigns and deliver the vision.

  9. A user from the towerstimes forum reportedly spoke to a Dubai Parks official working on the park.

    The park is actually going to be quite small on opening, smaller than motiongate but slightly bigger than legoland and bollywood.There isn't going to be the world's tallest coaster, as it would take a large amount of park space and would ruin surrounding views. All coasters are clones except the one surrounding the entrance. A manufacturer has been decided for the entrance coaster. I'm not allowed to say which one (don't worry it's good) but it is NOT B&M and no rides from them will be present on opening. It will have a record breaking flat ride (not allowed to say which)

  10. The comment in the video is wrong though. The main contract works are still to be awarded, BAFO deadline is currently 13th November.

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