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Six Flags Dubai
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Local Name:
الأعلام الستة دبي
Former Name(s):
Six Flags Dubailand
04 Mar 2008
Construction Start:
03 Jul 2016
on hold
19 ha
  1. AndrewHyde is offline Curious Chap
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    Well that's interesting. But is it the design of the park that is really the problem? I think the problem is less about the design of Six Flags and more about the overall resort just not drawing the numbers needed. Design aside, I think if I were at the helm of DP&R I would want to pause SF for the time being so I can focus ensuring the current parks can draw and generate the revenue needed.

  2. Project is not cancelled, but they got rid of all of the DPR construction senior staff 2 weeks ago.

    That makes a lot of sense to me.

  3. Can you tease us on some of the design improvements?

  4. uaeprojects is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    The construction stopped because of changing the design to enhance the park. it does not mean it is cancelled, its going to happen. Changes are being made in the park to avoid mistakes which happened before. The park is not going to open in 2019 for sure, they push it to sometimes end of 2020 or 2021.

    I am trying to stop all the rumours who got their info from people or by looking in the site.

    As I said earlier, the park is happening, most of the rides arrived in Dubai, believe me it's not cancelled

  5. In the Loop has a construction update video on this (along with SeaWorld Abu Dhabi)

  6. AndrewHyde is offline Curious Chap
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    Wanted to chime in as I was there last week and I see my photos shared in the thread. The park isn't happening. 2019, 2020 or likely ever. Not only has no progress been made in almost a year, in the two days I stayed at the hotel overlooking the site I saw zero people on the site. At least the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi site I saw a bulldozer moving around. Heck, even part of the construction wall has fallen down and no one bothered to put it back up. Plus DP&R needs to focus on their current parks first. I visited LEGOLAND and didn't see another guest until 45 mins after the park opened. When I was in Motiongate midday I had the entire How To Train Your Dragon section to myself.

    The location is horrible. Referencing the nearby Palm project makes the matter worse. That project halted construction and was put on hold before ground even broke for Dubai Parks and Resorts. Work was suspended for 4 years before DP&R broke ground. If they were hoping for the Palm to bring in people to the area then it was quite the risk to go up against a project that was shuttered for 4 years already at that point. Now to make matters worse all that land is basically preventing anyone else from coming in and building something else nearby. Best thing that can happen for the location (besides Palm happening, which I doubt) is the company giving up on the Palm and some other resort coming into that area.

    Speaking of the outlet mall - it looks nice, but should've been built more as part of the property maybe right up against Riverland. I tried to walk from Lapita and security stopped and questioned me twice. They were shocked someone who walk there. Sure it is "close" but I think not close enough. Could've been really neat to basically blend the outlets with Riverland.

    Extending the Metro sounds like a good idea but have you taken the Metro is is slow. I took it the first few days in town last week than had to give up because it was much quicker (and not much more costly) to take a cab. Extending down to DP&R means you would be looking at likely probably a 1.5 hour travel time from Burj Khalifa area, or at least a hour from the New City area. But yes they have started running buses as of late.

    To me one of the issues is such a large portion of Dubai visitors are on extended layovers - no one has the time or desire to travel that far South. And if you are in Abu Dhabi why drive past WB for DP&R when WB is one of the greatest parks built?

    With that all said I think the area could benefit from a thrill park. I heard numerous people talking about Six Flags and even Cedar Point in line for some of the rides at Motiongate and IMG. "Would be awesome to see big coasters here." I love me some dark rides, but I think part of the problem of the UAE parks is they are all somewhat similar with great trackless dark rides. I don't think the area can support another park at the moment, but if and when it can I think a thrill park is the best thing vs another box of awesome dark rides. To the general public I wonder how much difference they see between Motiongate, IMG and WB.

  7. Uaeprojects has already said the park was delayed until end of 2020.

  8. " Likely" ???????

    There is nothing there except a bit of infrastructure.

    And it is already the end of January 2019.

    Not going to happen any time soon. Impossible for 2019.

  9. The Outlet Village is located at the doors of Dubai Parks and it’s performing well. Location is not THE main issue. Look at Disneyland, or DLP, and many other parks for that matter: they were initially built in empty zones, far from downtowns. Eventually the cities have grown around.

    Yes a metro link would have been great but also prohibitively expensive. It will come though. And I believe free buses are provided from some major locations/hotels in Dubai.

  10. While this project is still going under review including the new design of Six Flags Dubai, DXB Entertainments will likely push back the opening date of Six Flags Dubai from the tentatively 2019 opening date.

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