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Six Flags Dubai
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  1. The company's board of directors has mandated management to "evaluate DXB Entertainments’ future development plans and capital deployment," the Dubai-listed firm said in a statement on Thursday. The review will cover expansion zones including Six Flags Dubai, its new theme park expected to open in 2019, to determine scope and timelines.

    The photos posted seem to show some construction still going on. This article confirms that the project is still on track for a 2019 opening date, but if all the people who are posting on this are legitimate, it could be canceled. Another odd thing is the fact the Dubai park is still listed on Six Flags' website.

  2. It will never be built to anything significant- simply because they lost the design team, the contractor team and most importantly - the momentum. Time is money and they ran out of both

  3. Do you see any ongoing construction?

  4. I work for the main contractor constructing Six Flags and yes the contractor has left the project due to non payments

  5. It’s not true Six Flags Dubai is not cancelled

  6. Do you have any proof of the contractors leaving?

  7. The contractor has already left the premises due to non-payment.

  8. Six Flags Dubai will be cancelled. They just don't have the funds to build it. Announcement of a 'delay' will be made later this year.

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    More work going on than I have seen before but no way this is opening within the next 18 months.

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