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Six Flags Dubai
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  2. Are you able to at least give out an entire list of all the rides and roller coasters that were gonna be at Six Flags Dubai? Including that E-motion next generation dark ride that was hinted in the press release from 5 years ago. And while you’re at it (that’s if your eligibly able to do so) can you also list which land that certain ride was going to be located in (I.G Magic Mountain, Great Adventure, etc).

  3. Unfortunately I don't think I can legally release any artwork or plans as they belong to DPR/Six Flags and I don't want to get in trouble, we'll have to wait and see if concept artists and firms who worked on the parks design wish to officially release them.

  4. Can you show us some unreleased concept art of what the park would’ve looked like? Or are you not allowed to do it. I don’t think Dubai will really care if you do reveal it either way.

  5. I am serious. There are many unreleased artwork and plans for the project, the rides would have all had generic six flags names. Other ones off the top of my head are, the RMC (got changed to the GCI) was to be called El Toro, John Wick over at MotionGate was originally Revolution and the 2 S&S Towers in the plans were Vertical Velocity.

  6. Are you making this up or are you being serious? And if so can you name any other rides that we’re gonna be at the initial Six Flags Dubai park. Any unreleased concept art?

  7. Its a Mack Hyper Coaster, at the Six Flags Park it would have been called "Full Throttle".

    The Powersplash would have been called "Nitro"

  8. So in the foreground, we have a Mack Power Splash, but does anyone know what is in the background? It looks a little bit like a Mack launch, but could also be Intamin?

  9. Coaster track originally intended for Six Flags Dubai now stored at the back of Bollywood Parks

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Lucid_Tornado View Post
    The plot of Mudon was going to be Six Flags Dubailand, that means I'm living in the plot of a promising project which became known as the biggest theme park failure.
    Hate to break it to you man, but the site that was chosen for Six Flags Dubailand was opposite where IMG Worlds currently is, the parks plans back it up also. Working on a full detailed document of the history of Six Flags in the UAE and spoke to multiple people involved in the project who confirmed it.

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