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Local Name:
أستراريوم البحر الأحمر
21 May 2011
Construction Start:
on hold
74 ha
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  2. This is never going to happen, at least not at the scale portrayed in the artwork. Ever been to Aqaba? It's a village full of men at the Saudi border with an airport with bad international connections.

    Even the concept artist writes on his site:
    and hopefully, if I ever make it out to Jordan, I'll get to see how much, if any, of my original concept will be in the attraction

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    Artwork from their website

    Includes ride descriptions, as well. Fantastic!!

    Deep in the Gulf of Aqaba, a mysterious artifact was found. An Astrarium Clock of curious design, which could create a bubble of timelessness around it and call forth from history the world’s greatest minds. Around this Clock, and in that time bubble was built The Red Sea Astrarium, a place of intellect, curiosity, and above all… adventure!
    Combining experiential attractions, world-class hotels and dining, and fully immersive environment The Red Sea Astrarium holds in store for guests a premiere experience that will never be forgotten.

    H2SHOW: Lifespring

    Through all time the most essential of human relationships has been one between Man and water. In Lifespring, guests will be taken on a mystical journey through the history of man’s relationship with water, from the origin of life, to the loneliness of draught to the tempestuous fury of water’s destruction and everywhere in between.
    Man struggles to balance his life with his treatment of the world around him, realizing that just as Man is essential to the planet, so too is the environment essential in the life of man. Told as if it were a sweeping romance, Lifespring will enlighten, amaze, and leave no dry eye in the theater.

    Save The Astrarium

    A new form of attraction is about to take Jordan by storm, where guests can literally become a part of a video-game like adventure. Step into an ultra-themed world and experience an adventure that pits guests against an evil madman, intent on controlling the universe! Through cutting-edge gamification and storytelling, the guests will solve physical and digital puzzles in a race through compelling environments to save the Astrarium, and the world!

    Star Trek: Jordan

    As the newest addition to the “Star Trek” franchise, this highly anticipated attraction will literally thrust guests into the action of Starfleet and allow fans of all ages to “boldly go where no man has gone before.”

    Cradle of Inspiration

    The Cradle of Inspiration is a one-of-a-kind attraction that will be found in the Red Sea Astrarium. This attraction will take guests on a fantastical journey through space and time, reaching incredible speeds and spin within an immersive visual experience covering over 500 square meters of spherical screen area.

    The Extreme Adventure Center

    Gear up with the best equipment available in the Extreme Adventure Zone (EAZ) to experience the adventure of a lifetime in a hyper-futuristic environment just waiting to be conquered.

  5. Looks like it's very much alive!

  6. RGH Themed Entertainment (a division of Rubicon Group Holding), designer and project manager for The Red Sea Astrarium (TRSA), announces Wonders!, an imaginative new flight simulator attraction now in development for the US $1.5 billion leisure-resort in Aqaba, Jordan.

    Wonders! makes history come alive as the drama unfolds in the unexpected future with time travel on the AirWonders! Airline. Riders will travel via custom-built flying machines through the fabric of space and time to see the Wonders of the World in their prime. The Lighthouse of Alexandria before it crumbled into the sea, Macchu Picchu’s bustling metropolis, the thriving landscape of the Acropolis, and the towering rose-red desert city of Petra are just a few of the many wonders awaiting our travelers. In these exciting journeys, our guests become privy to the secrets that could not be learned in a classroom or read from a book.

    Vekoma Rides Manufacturing, one of the largest roller coaster manufacturers in the world and a leader in the amusement industry, will build the Wonders! ride system utilizing the innovative i-Ride immersive inverted 4D simulator technology from Brogent Technologies. Brogent is known throughout the industry for its innovative digital content, software, hardware, manufacturing and system integrations.

    RGH will produce the entire slate of media content for Wonders!, which will provide a randomized experience for every ride cycle to guarantee unlimited repeatability for the attraction. Every time guests come on board Wonders! they will experience a truly unique and unpredictable adventure.

    “The Wonders! ride is a thrilling, unpredictable journey to the ancient past that gives riders an incredible experience of visiting the Wonders of the World as they were meant to be seen,” said Lenny Larsen, Director of Themed Entertainment at RGH. “By immersing the guests into the actual times and places of ancient civilizations they can fully appreciate these man-made wonders.”

    All this is possible with the help of some eccentric adventurers and their up-start airline, AirWonders! They are the living embodiment of J.R.R. Tolkien’s words: “Not all who wander are lost.” After stumbling across a mysterious power source, these wandering entrepreneurs set up shop near the Astratium to build a new life, one of adventure, excitement, and accidental time travel.

    “The Wonders! attraction is the perfect addition to the Old Waterfront section of the resort. It provides a themed centerpiece of old-world exploration and fascination. What’s more, it brings the resort full circle: The Red Sea Astrarium brings the world together, then Wonders! sends people out into the world again,” said RGH CEO Randa Ayoubi.

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    Red Sea Astrarium construction fence?

  9. Location correction

    The location of the park is wrong on the map below. It will be where "The Overlooking" is labeled now.

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    The whole thing was inspired by the prince of Jordan. He loves Star Trek because he was an extra in one of the episodes.

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