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World of Water, Shanghai Polar Ocean World
25 Apr 2012
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29 Mar 2015
16 Nov 2018
30 ha
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    Aquarium Design: Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Dome Pavilion by Legacy Entertainment

    The facility which changed the most between design and opening was the "Science Pavilion" located in the Port Majestic winter-themed zone. In the original design, this was to have been a "Science Pavilion" which would house two main components- a domed projection show, and numerous classrooms and auditoriums for the park's educational outreach programs. In the end, the decision was made to combine with Science Pavilion with the Penguin Pavilion. The projection dome remained, but the space designated for the classrooms is now occupied by the park's penguin exhibit.

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    Aquarium Design: Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Seal & Sea Lion Exhibit

    Located in the park's 'Port Majestic' cold water zone, the 'Glacier Court' Seal & Sea Lion Exhibit it's among Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park's most-popular pavilions. Legacy Entertainment's exterior facade and interior design reflects the European storybook architecture of this section of the park. A close look at the main POV illustration will reveal that a WhiteWater / Hopkins 'River of the Snow Queen' flume ride was originally intended to pass through the building's second floor, allowing riders a unique perspective of the exhibit below.

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    Chinese Theme Park Design: Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Seal and Sea Lion Show

    The 'Joyful Circus' is one of several large live entertainment venues with Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park. This indoor venue is home to the park's Seal and Sea Lion live show. As seen in this concept art by Legacy Entertainment, like Sea World's popular "Clyde and Seamore" series of shows, this production is more lighthearted when compared to the park's other offerings.

  4. All the way up through Legacy Entertainment's Schematic Design package of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, the Penguin Exhibit Pavilion was intended to be its own standalone element. In later phases, it was decided to combine it with the "Science Pavilion", slightly reducing the scope and ambition of the penguin display. Should it have been realized as intended, here's what Legacy Entertainment's unique aquarium design would have looked like. Bisected by an "ice slide", have of the pavilion would have been dedicated to Temperate (warm water) Penguins, with the other being home to cold water penguins.

  5. Legacy Entertainment's aquarium design of the 'Coral Cathedral' Jellyfish pavilion at Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park blends educational content with dazzling visual displays. In addition to extensive Jellyfish exhibits, the futuristic building is also home to the marine life theme park's extensive Coral Reef exhibit.

  6. Another unique attraction planned-but-not-built for Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park was a dark ride called MAGIC OCEANS. Legacy Entertainment's dark ride design team included Phil Mendez, best known in the theme park sector for his character designs on Monster Mansion (formerly Monster Plantation) at Six Flags Over Georgia. The hanging dark ride would have utilized ABC Ride's Swing Glider ride system, and would have been only the second installation of this ride type, with the other being Turbo Drachen at Potts Park in Germany. The ride would have begun with a slow-moving indoor portion, followed by a thrilling high-speed outdoor finale over the park's Rainbow Falls warm water island.

  7. Legacy Entertainment's theme park design of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park includes two opposing mountains on opposite sides of the park. The iconic volcano on the warm water side is home to Lava Drifting- WhiteWater West's unique Spinning Rapids Ride (which also hold's the record for World's Longest Rapids Ride).

    On the opposite side of the park, the winter mountain was originally to be home to an extensive Log Flume themed to The Snow Queen fairy tale. Unlike Disney's Frozen, also based on The Snow Queen, this hybrid Log Flume / Dark Ride would have been more faithful to Hans Christian Andersen's story.

  8. Opposite Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park's iconic volcano is another iconic mountain, central to Legacy Entertainment's theme park design concept of these two lands being 'polar opposites' of each other. Part of the park's Port Majestic cold water theme zone, this winter mountain is programmed with both animal exhibits and food & beverage venues. Further more, both of the park's icon mountains are connected by an aerial gondola skyway system. A WhiteWater / Hopkins flume ride, themed to The Snow Queen fairy tale, was eliminated after Schematic Design.

  9. The Sandcastle Restaurant is the largest eatery in Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park. Legacy Entertainment's theme park design placed the facility adjacent to the park's beach-themed family rides zone in Rainbow Falls land- the park's warm water island.

  10. Legacy Entertainment's theme park design of Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park staged the park around two iconic mountains- one being an icy glacial peak, and the other a lush tropical volcano. Located in Rainbow Falls, the park's warm water zone, the volcano is home to the park's resident Whale Sharks. These images, from both Concept Design and Schematic Design, showcase Legacy Entertainment's intent for the volcano, including a rooftop Kuka Arm attraction ultimately eliminated for budget purposes. In addition to hosting the park's Whale Shark pavilion, the volcano also integrates the Lava Drifting Spinning Rapids Ride, the park's Aerial Skyway gondola network, along with two restaurants.

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