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World of Water, Shanghai Polar Ocean World
25 Apr 2012
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29 Mar 2015
16 Nov 2018
30 ha
  1. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Mar 2016
    Work is still taking place on Fire Falls spinning rapids and at the side of the volcano near where the ride's entrance will be

    A brand new video was just posted online showing us the first POV clip of front row on Steel Dolphin!

    Link to video:

    The train ride around and through the polar mountain is now fully operational

    New photos of exterior and interior the park's onsite hotel

    View from the hotel at night

    Additional photos of the parade which began recently - guests can get a great view of it from aboard the Cable Cars

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  2. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Mar 2016
    New aerial overview of the park and concept art for comparison

    New photos and details have come out about the park's dark ride, "Adventures in the Sea"

    The ride's track is 273 meters in length and features 8 scenes, 10 large screens, and 1 undersea tunnel

    A day after the park's grand opening both the Snow Train and Steel Dolphin coaster opened! It seems that both rides ended up closing later in the day and were closed for the entire day on November 18. It has been rainy in Shanghai so that might have caused the ride closures...

    Entrance to the Snow Train

    The one and only Snow Train

    Views aboard the train

    Sign at the entrance to Steel Dolphin

    Videos of the first ever ride on Steel Dolphin

    In addition to park maps, showtimes guides are now being distributed at the entrance

    A ride aboard the park's Cable Cars

    For the grand opening dolphin trainers got new wetsuits

    Exterior and interior of the Sand Castle Restaurant

    Facial recognition being used at the gate

    A Shangahi Haichang Ocean Park staff member creating marine life art out of what I believe to be pebbles

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  3. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    After more than six years in the making and an investment of almost a quarter of a billion dollars, today, November 16, 2018, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park officially held its grand opening! Unfortunately Steel Dolphin coaster and sea lion/walrus show did not open but the significant opening of the day was the premiere of the park's orca show and the stadium was at standing room only

    Huge lines for the first killer whale show

    Guests viewing the whales at the underwater viewing window

    During the grand opening ceremony, the park's executive director, along with the president of the National Aquatic Wildlife Protection Branch, the vice president of Shanghai Ocean University, and the director of the Aquarium Professional Committee of the China Association of Natural Science Museums, announced the launch of the "Shanghai Haichang Marine Biological Conservation Foundation" in which Haichang will put 5 million yuan towards the foundation plus 1 yuan from every park ticket purchased will go directly towards the fund.

    Crowds lining up at the entrance in the morning

    New sign displaying the daily showtimes

    New digital directories throughout the park

    Special grand opening park tickets


    The jumping tower ride is still undergoing testing

    Couple of nice photos of the kiddie coaster in action

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  4. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park's grand opening is in less than 24 hours! According to Haichang many of the main attractions that have yet to open including Steel Dolphin and Killer Whale Theater will be opening tomorrow so be sure to check back on themeparX for a plethora of photos from the grand opening.

    Special banners for the grand opening are now found throughout the park

    A cool view of Steel Dolphin

    The daytime parade has begun - eventually there will also be a nighttime parade out in the park's central canal

    It looks like the top and bottom of the cable cars light up at night

    Construction on the spinning river rapids by WhiteWater continues

    The outdoor dolphin exhibit is now partially open

    The recently opened dark ride's load area

    Side view of the volcano

    There's also now a waterfall towards the side

    The Snow Train is expected to open tomorrow

    A nice view of Christmas Town

    Inside the polar mountain trainers now regularly perform with the beluga whales underwater

    The theme park at night

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  5. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Testing of Steel Dolphin continues... I could be wrong but I think they're still building the exterior of the coaster's load station

    New green turf or matting of some sort is being placed on the roof of the dark ride building and in the distance you can see that the "manta" of the spinning river rapids looks complete

    A few days ago the park's dark ride named "Adventures in the Sea" opened! So far I've only found one on-ride photo from when it goes through an aquarium tank and a photo of the queue

    Some of the outdoor seating at the Sand Castle Restaurant is now open so we get a good look at the other side of the exterior

    Another ride that just opened is the park's kiddie coaster!

    Screens have been added to either side of the whale shark tank's main underwater viewing window

    When mermaid performers go in the tank for shows this area gets extremely crowded

    The main entrance queue for the Cable Car's station at the polar mountain is now open

    Inside the polar mountain there's now a second bear on display

    Central area at the seal and sea lion exhibit

    For an upcharge guests can now feed the sea lions

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  6. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    A collection of recent photos from rides aboard the park's Cable Car:

    The long line that extends into the main pathway in the last photo is for the Cable Car but this is just temporary while the main queue and entrance for the Cable Car's polar mountain station is being built.

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  7. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    On the ground construction photos of Fire Falls spinning river rapids - this ride is practically guaranteed to not be open for the grand opening because testing has not even begun and the grand opening is in just over two weeks.

    Reservations can now be made online for the park's onsite hotel - here's the first set of photos of the rooms

    Temporary signs for the trial operations listing what's open, operating hours, and showtimes

    Walking into the polar mountain

    This ceiling is I think some sort of screen

    Restaurant that's I believe in the polar mountain

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  8. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Mar 2016
    Nicely landscaped pathway with Steel Dolphin in the background

    Bridge crossing over to the polar area

    The same bridge but facing the other way crossing over to Rainbow Falls

    Archway at one of the park's two canal bridges

    Exterior of the sea lion and walrus show stadium which is still not open

    Jellyfish exhibit

    The Penguin Restaurant is now open! Guests get a great view of the park's Humboldt penguin exhibit while dining. At the door diners are greeted by a pair of penguin chefs. This restaurant is very similar to the penguin restaurant at Chimelong's penguin-themed hotel in Zhuhai.

    Meanwhile in the adjacent Antarctic penguin exhibit the Adelie penguins are starting to build their nests using little rocks

    A sign has been put up at the entrance to the Arctic animal exhibits inside the polar mountain

    Despite most rides not being open yet, long lines do exist

    The longest line is consistently for the dolphin show

    At the dolphin stadium is the Burger King, which not only gets huge lines because its right there when shows end, but its also one of the only restaurants open in that area of the park

    The first long line that many guests are experiencing is before they even enter the park and its not at the gate - right now it seems that the onsite parking garage is not fully open so this forces many guests to park in a nearby parking lot and then they have to wait for a shuttle to drive them over to the park entrance

    Two new night photos - first of the the Steel Dolphin shark tunnel and Christmas Town and then another angle of Christmas Town with the polar mountain lit up in the back

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  9. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Dolphin theater filling up with guests before the show begins

    This is what the theater's seating looks like

    Steel Dolphin

    The whale shark tank's very busy underwater viewing area, and no, the whale sharks haven't arrived yet so the large tank looks pretty barren with only small fish right now

    Christmas Town

    Icing running down the side of Fantasy Dessert

    Interior of Fantasy Dessert

    Here's concept art of the interior for comparison

    Happy go lucky sea creatures ready to take you on a ride around the park's carousel

    The mini jump tower and kiddie coaster are still not open

    This photo was taken from the park's onsite parking garage - when guests come down from the parking garage they first encounter an area to purchase tickets

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  10. Michael is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Steel Dolphin

    A peak at the coaster's load station which is still being worked on can be seen on the right

    Guests watching penguins swim in the oculus

    Inside Underwater World

    The backside of the entrance fountain

    The backside of the entrance sign

    Guests entering Christmas Town

    Rainbow Falls

    New show in Rainbow Falls

    Guests watching the 4D Theater show

    Seal exhibit

    First sneak peak at the outdoor dolphin exhibit

    General video of the park:
    Video of the full 360 Dome show:

    Sources: and and and

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