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Shanghai Disneyland
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  1. Wrong! The part reproduced, which serves only as a color-test, is this photo, an inner part of the castle.

  2. They are pretty slow...

  3. Thanks so much!! I deeply appreciate it. There has been zero coverage of this project and it's so frustrating. I know they don't want it copied but the Disney blog could at least throw up a pic here and there.

    Which attraction are we guessing the rock work is for? Lost River Rapids (the dinosaur ride)?

  4. WOW, great castle there! Full of details!

  5. In fact it will be finished by October 2015, but will open in December: you do not know how to work the Chinese workers, 1 year to make up what we in Europe would build in 3 years.

  6. I've got some insights and I bet it won't be ready by December 2015.

  7. I think the Disney management ... There's a message with more pictures of Brook Lopez in Shanghai on Shanghai Disney Resort's official pages (micro blogging):

  8. Who let him in?

  9. Shanghai Disneyland Castle under construction behind Brook Lopez, Brooklyn Nets basketball player.

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