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Shanghai Disneyland
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  1. A few more whilst we wait with baited breath. Found here:

  2. Whoahs! Cannot wait for the rest of the pics!! Thanks so much!

  3. First full pic of the Shanghai Disney castle.

  4. Picture taken on 19th December 2014, found on a Chinese site. Is this the Tron coaster structure?


  5. Pictures from the Roaring Rapids mountain top out ceremony.

  6. At the moment, there is little to be seen on this mostly vacant piece of land spreading over 3.9 square kilometers-and yet security is extremely tight. Even people trying to take a picture across the street where the gate of the resort is located will be stopped by security staff.

    The only way to get any rough idea of the progress of construction is to drive round the leveled land. It is hard to visualize how the theme park will look like in less than 12 months. A source familiar with the resort who asked for anonymity said that there might be some difficulty with a 2015 opening.

  7. Thank you. The government site of Shanghai Disneyland. What a great find. Provides many never-before-seen pics from the construction site:

    11 December 2014:

    24 November 2014:

    07 November 2014:

    04 November 2014:

    18 September 2014:

    05 September 2014:

    28 August 2014:

    08 August 2014:

    04 August 2014:

    01 August 2014:

  8. Date: 2015-01-04 Hits: 37
    December 31, Liu Zhengyi led Japan to reach the warehouse rides arrival of research to learn more about the rides parts arrival time, type, quantity and storage area, and so the lease term. At present, the control system hardware, most of the rides of mechanical systems, ride the rides and some other parts of all rides have been delivered to the warehouse, is being, or wait for the installation. Zhouxian Jiang, office, industrial office personnel participate in research.

  9. Roaring Rapids mountain construction progress. Picture taken in December 2014:


    Shanghai Disney castle rendering, published in October 2014:


  10. Source please. You could very well be a pessimist.

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