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Shanghai Disneyland
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  1. Incredible photos from the site!
    For the first time, a photo inside "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride, and a aerial view of Shanghai Disneyland Hotel with lake and Castle in background!

  2. UPDATE! Park opening postponed in the first half of 2016!

  3. From The Theme Park Guy's Twitter account:

  4. It looks like the folks behind Shanghai Disneyland are feeling a little less confident about that previously projected 2015 finish date. Construction of the theme park will be "basically" finished this year, Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong said yesterday, adding that the Shanghai Disney Resort's opening is still being discussed.
    A source familiar with the resort told China Daily earlier in January that there 'might be some difficulty with a 2015 opening'.

  5. More pictures from a Chinese site, posted back in December or November 2014:


    Roaring Rapids water ride:

    Tron Coaster 1:

    Tron Coaster 2:

    Entrance and Disneyland hotel:

    Disneyland hotel:

    Toy Story hotel:

    Access road:


  6. Visitors numbers at Shanghai Disneyland will be kept within a "safe" level, its operator said yesterday.

    "Our ticketing system has a preset daily admission limit. Once that is reached, no one will be allowed to enter until it drops again," said Chen Chao, a political adviser and senior official at Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone, which manages the theme park.

  7. Alain Littaye's 'Disney and more' has just posted more on-site pics on their Facebook page.

    More pictures here:

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