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Shanghai Disneyland
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  1. Buildings going up right now!

    MAJOR structural work on the first building of the Shanghai Disney Resort, which will house the resort’s retail, dining and entertainment area was completed yesterday.

    Concrete was poured into the last section of the roof structure of the building near the central lake of the resort in the Pudong New Area that is scheduled to open to the public by the end of 2015.

    “The building will host a variety of dining and entertainment options for guests while offering stunning views of both the lake and Shanghai Disneyland’s Enchanted Storybook Castle,”an official with the resort said.
    Theme Park Guy, please head back to the site and shoot more pics!

  2. The Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone, which will include the Shanghai Disneyland theme park, will be bigger than initially planned after the municipal government approved an expansion plan in mid-December.

    Located in the center of East Shanghai's Pudong district, the zone will cover a total area of 24.7 square kilometers, compared with the 20.6 sq km initially planned.

    The main area, covering about 7 sq km, will have the Disneyland theme park as its core as well as other tourism, cultural and retail areas. The remaining 17.7 sq km will mainly have support facilities.

  3. Carthay Circle Theater... Interesting...

  4. The Walt Disney Co. has revealed a first look at “Garden of the Twelve Friends,” one of the first attractions being built at Shanghai Disneyland

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  7. Adventure Isle

    (Shop) Adventure Supplies
    (Shop) Laughing Monkey Traders
    (Shop) Rainbow Frog Trinkets
    (Show) Storehouse Stage
    (Food) Piranha Bites
    (Food) Tribal Table
    (Ride) Roaring Rapids
    (Ride) Soaring Over the Horizon
    (Walk-through) Camp Discovery Challenge Trail
    Happy Circle


    (Food) Corner Market
    (Food) Merlin's Magic Recipe
    (Food) Royal Banquet Hall
    (Food) Tangled Tree Tavern
    (Food) Troubadour Treats
    (Misc Attraction) Enchanted Storybook Castle
    (Misc Attraction) Sword in the Stone
    (Play Area) Evergreen Playhouse
    (Ride) Hunny Pot Spin
    (Ride) Peter Pan-s Flight
    (Ride) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
    (Ride) The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    (Shop) Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
    (Shop) Castle Gifts
    (Shop) Hundred Acre Goods
    (Shop) Mountain Treasures
    (Show) Storybook Castle Stage Spectacular
    (Walk-through) Alice in Wonderland Maze
    (M&G) Storybook Court
    Hundred Acre Wood
    "Once Upon a Time" Adventure


    (Food) Chip & Dale's Treehouse Treats
    (Food) Fairy Godmother's Cupboard
    (Food) Picnic Basket
    (Food) Pinocchio Village Kitchen
    (Food) Timothy's Treats
    (M&G) Meet Mickey and Friends
    (Operations) First Aid/Baby Care
    (Operations) Tip Board
    (Ride) Dumbo the Flying Elephant
    (Ride) Fantasia Carousel
    (Shop) Be Our Guest Boutique
    (Shop) Casey Junior Trinket Train (ODV)
    (Shop) Melody Time Gifts
    (Shop) Mickey and Minnie's Mercantile
    (Show) Westside Performance Venue
    Carefree Corner
    Gardens of Imagination
    Melody Gardens
    Teahouse of the Wandering Moon
    Voyage to the Crystal Grotto


    (Food) Club 33
    Avenue M Arcade
    Il Paperino
    Lucky Express


    (Operations) Lockers
    (Food) Mickey & Pals Market Cafe
    (Food) Remy's Patisserie
    (Show) PORTAL -- Walt Disney Theatre


    (Food) Sweethearts Confectionary
    (Shop) Whistle Stop Shop


    Well Spring
    Alpha, Beta, Gamma
    Arena E
    (Show) Arena E Stage


    (Food) Spiral Snacks
    (Food) Stargazer Grill
    (Food) The Light Stuff (ODV)
    (M&G) Meet & Greet
    (Operations) First Aid -- Tomorrowland
    (Ride) Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue
    (Ride) Jet Packs
    (Ride) Tron Lightcycles Power Run
    (Shop) Intergalactic Imports
    (Show) Stitch Encounter
    Power Supply

    Toy Story Land

    (Food) Celebration Cafe
    (Food) Toy Box Cafe
    (M&G) MEET & GREET
    (Ride) Rex's Racers
    (Ride) Slinky Dog Spin
    (Shop) SHOP
    (Show) Woody's Roundup

    Treasure Cove

    (Food) Pintel & Rigetti's Grub to Grab
    (Food) The Snackin' Kracken
    (Food) Tortuga Treats
    (Ride) Explorer Canoes
    (Ride) Pirates of the Caribbean -- Battle for the Sunken Treasure
    (Shop) Barbossa's Bounty
    (Shop) Doubloon Market
    (Show) El Teatro Fandango
    (Show) Stunt Theater
    Jolly Gypsy
    Ocean Song
    Shipwreck Shore
    Siren's Revenge

  8. I managed!!

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