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Shanghai Disneyland
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    Hooray! Finally, work on the Magic Kingdom itself commenced:

    Construction began today on Shanghai Disneyland's main castle, setting another milestone in the development of the amusement park.

    The Enchanted Storybook Castle, designed to be the world's tallest and largest Disney castle, is going to be the centerpiece of Shanghai Disneyland. Workers today sank the first pile into ground to build the castle's foundation.
    The castle will also delight visitors with a boat ride that goes through a secret underground chamber in which fountains of light will dance in shimmering pools and surround visitors with magic, music and color.

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    Hello, I also did and it's included in my Disney and more article a "Soarin' over Shanghaî Disneyland construction site" video that i did with "flying" over the Google Earth views. Although it took me quite a while, i had fun doing it and i'm sure you will recognize the music i used. Also note that the fly-over is slightly jerky, this is due to the fact that apparently Google Earth and Quicktime don't fit well together when one is recording the other... hope you will enjoy this short video anyway, watch it full screen and in HD 1080p!

    The Disney and more article is here:

  3. Disney and more has a great Google Earth powered update today:

    More here:

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    A vast public transport hub will be built at the entrance of Shanghai Disneyland to serve millions of visitors every year, officials said today.

    The hub at the west gate of the amusement park will comprise five bus terminals, car and taxi parking lots, a large toilet and six lounges. The 77,492-square-meter behemoth will stretch from Xihuan Road to a large square of Shanghai Disneyland, officials said.

    The government is now inviting tenders for the construction of the hub with a budget of 182 million yuan (US$22.54 million). The project should be finished within one year.

    Meanwhile, Metro Line 11 will have an extension from Luoshan Road Station to the Disneyland with four stations at Luoshan Road, Kangqiao Road E., Hengxin Road and Disneyland, the officials said.

    The 9.2-kilometer extension will have 7.7 kilometers on the ground but its final stretch will be underground. Passengers can enter the park through an underground passage. The Disneyland Station will be semi-underground with a skylight to bring natural light indoor. It will be surrounded by an artificial lake, trees and shrubs.

  5. Interesting point made here:

    The Shanghai park is likely to trump its Hong Kong counterpart in the eyes of tourists from hinterland provinces because the only mainlanders allowed to visit Hong Kong as individual tourists are the 270 million permanent residents of 51 "advanced" cities. Others have to visit as members of tour groups.

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  7. Deep research into the artwork by Disney and more's Alain Littaye:

  8. Bob Weis' blog has the best and most accurate updates for Shanghai Disneyland you can find on the net.

    25 February 2013:
    Misty night over our Kerry Pudong offices.
    17 January 2013:
    Back to US today and back in WDI office tomorrow.
    14 January 2013:
    Vekoma Headquarters Voldrop Netherlands. A beautiful snowy morning!
    13 January 2013:
    In Shanghai always impressed by deep commitment of cast–also amazing progress on infrastructure, selected buildings and hotel preparations. In addition a sense of great advancement in state of art for construction culture. Heading now to reviews in Europe–just off 12 hour flight to Frankfurt and will be in meetings in Holland by morning.
    5 January 2013:
    Heading to Shanghai. My first visit in a few months–planning to be shocked at fast pace of office and great progress on site.
    Awesome source:

  9. But that's an awesome blog from the head of Shanghai Disney. Here's their city office:


  10. Nope. The article Bob Weis is refering to 'From Forbes today' on March 8, 2013 is already 2 years old. Little mistake made.

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