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05 Sep 2015
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20 Dec 2023
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    Full presentation of the "Creative Preview" for the Zootopia-themed land:

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    As a significant milestone before the new land officially welcomes its first guests, Shanghai Disney Resort today unveiled exciting creative highlights of the world's first Zootopia-themed land, which will also become the eighth themed land inside the resort's Shanghai Disneyland park. The highlights include:
    - A fully activated themed land
    - Cheerful Humor and Cultural Elements
    - Zootopified everything
    - Disney storytelling powered by innovative technology The new highly anticipated land is scheduled to open by the end of this year.

    It's Zootopia Day. Everyone is celebrating the harmony of their beloved city. will become a rookie police officer alongside Officer Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde to start an action-filled "Hot Pursuit" and rescue Gazelle. Along the way, you will encounter varying
    Tundra Town

    Rainforest District

    The Big Chase, one of the major scenes in Zootopia: Hot Pursuit.

    Upon entering the land, you will be immediately immersed in Zootopia.

    Standing at the center of plaza is a large office building boasting an oversized digital billboard playing animated advertisements. Behind this is the stunning skyline of Zootopia.

    In the Tiger Dance Club, Gazelle's famed tiger dancers can be seen dancing and celebrating Zootopia Day alongside
    a wide variety of animals.

    The polar bear, Koslov, is standing at the main entrance of Fashions by Fru Fru, the daughter of Mr. Big.

    There are more cheerful local humor and cultural elements to discover in Zootopia. For example, Mane Street. This is the main street in Lootopia. Both its Chinese and English names are fun. Can you find out?

    The Chinese name of Nocturnal Alley "long tang" refers to a traditional Shanghainese-style alleyway.

    Zootopia blends breathtaking technological innovation with great storytelling.
    When you enter Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, the major attraction of the new land, you will be greeted by Officer Clawhauser.

    Chief Bogo orders you to back up Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. These are all powered by advanced Audio-Animatronics

    This is the trackless ride system you will experience.

    Here every single detail is fully "Zootopified"!
    The epicurean journey begins at Jumbeaux's Cafe.

    The visit wouldn't be complete without dressing up in Zootopified goods from head to paw. Fashions by Fru Fru gives you multiple choices.


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  4. Wow, sounds interesting! Really hope it's still opening this year.

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    Invitations are being sent out for a "Creative Preview" of the upcoming Zootopia area, which will take place on September 5.


  6. I'm curious too about the opening date. Does anyone know something about that? I will be visiting Hong Kong and Shanghai in December, all the way from Spain So it would be amazing to see Frozen land in Hong Kong and Zootopia in Shanghai!

  7. Any guesses on if this still opens this year? Planning a trip to Shanghai in December and hoping we can see this, but no official updates since July 2022 doesn't bode super well. Especially since they're not shy at promoting the Frozen construction in Hong Kong.

  8. Anyway it's academic at this point I suppose, it's not like they will expand the land just to add something as basic as a carousel. If the one ride they do have proves a massive hit, maybe they will build something else, a C or D ticket, to absorb part of the traffic into the land. That's one of the things Animal Kingdom got right with the Pandora land; Flight of Passage is obviously the big hitter but a good number of people, who might not have researched the park as thoroughly, get diverted into Na'vi River Journey. FoP queues are already enormous, imagine if the land didn't have a second ride. (It has to be said, though, that River is so short that people are out again in a flash.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Not necessarily, since cities can and do have simple flat rides in playgrounds/parks. Of course ideally I would want a second fully-themed E-ticket but assuming budgets are the constraint, then something simple and lightly-themed will have to do. It could be as easy as a carousel with Zootopia animals.
    I agree that they can make "auto-themed" flat rides that are technically still "immersive," e.g., Dino-Rama at Disney's Animal Kingdom being themed as a carnival, but IMHO that usually comes across as a transparent retroactive rationalization to install inexpensive amusement park rides in a themed environment (or, worse, the backstory isn't obvious to guests, who thus interpret it simply as a non-immersive amusement park within a theme park, e.g., Dino-Rama again).

    That said, something like what you suggested - a carousel in a park-themed subsection - would probably be among the least-intrusive / most-successfully-fitting options.

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