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05 Sep 2015
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May 2019
20 Dec 2023
  1. Any idea when toy story land will open? Is it on March 2018, right after Chinese new year?

  2. They started testing RC racer

    Photo Credit: Ron Vining

  3. To be fair, this was planned for Shanghai to be an opening day land and it includes a unique-to-Shanghai attraction, albeit a clone of Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. It could have been given the same as both DLP and HKDL, but at least it's getting a bit of unique flair.

  4. I find it unbelievable they are going the cheap route with the Slinky Dog ride in Florida, plus Toy Story Mania.

    Why the low-cost approach to the Shanghai park? They already have the low rent version in Hong Hong. Which is another reason the Shanghai version seems odd. Disney went out of their way to make sure the two Chinese parks have different attractions and then they add another Toy Story Land.

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  7. Toy Story Land construction progress:

    Photo Credit: Ronald Vining

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    New picture of Toy Story Land


  9. Shanghai Disneyland today. So much space for expansion of the Magic Kingdom park alone!

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