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05 Sep 2015
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May 2019
20 Dec 2023
  1. This is my thought exactly after riding it. I wish there are more animatronics, less screen. When Shanghai's pirate opened, it was eye opening experience, a core memory for me. But Hot Pursuit But not...on that level. I've not ridden Remy but it feels like it?

    Especially after just riding other trackless dark rides in Asia. Pooh is still so good and it's 20 years old! I would trade Hot Pursuit with Tokyo's Beauty and Beast in a heartbeat.

    The queue and pre-show area for Hot Pursuit is so much fun though. It's better than the ride I say. The whole land is very very fun. I enjoined the land, the queue, the meet and greet more than the ride part.

    But after talking to other guests and viewing reviews online, I do think I'm the minority. So experience it first-hand. Don't take my word for it!

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    We could have a Disk'O themed to The Big Donut

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    Yes I agree with you @Lee82 but it is difficult to be objective with videos filmed by smartphone. Exactly on IMO Spiderman, if you watch the videos it's not super great but when you experience it live it's absolutely brilliant. So I am very confident in this new attraction. Another great achievement which also recalls "Remy's Ratatouille"

  4. The best POV of the ride so far.

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    Looks quite good, but I still think they used too many visual screens and non-interactive models. Animitrocics are so good now, especially with facial movements, that I think Disney should be at the forefront instead of cheapening out on low-budget screens.

    IMO Spiderman is still the best 4D motion simulator ride, even after 25 years.

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    Full POV video of "Zootopia: Hot Pursuit":

  8. Looks like there is an expansion plot to the left of the land for a smaller 2nd attraction. Would love to see something with more kinetic energy (not a spinner ride lol) to complete the land. It's the same feeling I get with Star Wars.

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    A plot of land adjacent to Zootopia that's about equal in size to Zootopia is cleared. It will be interesting to see if work on anything there starts soon:


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