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05 Sep 2015
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May 2019
20 Dec 2023
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  3. Vekoma has been selected as the ride system manufacturer for Project @.


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    The satellite image shows the accurate Zootopia layout, which is a bit smaller than we thought. This means, there is enough space to put rumored SpiderMan coaster on the right. Also there is a tiny space behind perhaps for Marvel Land expansion? I guess they do it here might because the Marvel’s Modern City like theming could hide the huge Pirate of Caribbean show building?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    That's so cool! So there will be a Marvel Land next to Zootopia?

    Unfortunately this is not accurate. Only about less than half of the space on the left of what you outlined here is for Zootopia. The rest is for other expansion projects.

  6. That is a very tight piece of land.

  7. As crazy as it sounds, the Spiderman rollercoaster is set to go next to the Zootopia expansion, in between the 7 dwarfs mine train and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It's set to have mixed track elements similar to Hagrid's coaster in Universal.

  8. Isn’t big thunder mountain a themed outdoor roller coaster?

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    Sadly there seems to be no space in Tomorrowland for such a big attraction (Spider-Man launched coaster). It's rumored that Shanghai will have Star Wars & Marvel Lands in its second park which is planned to open in 2029.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    I would have thought they would lift Iron Man from Paris
    I feel like Shanghai has an agreement with Disney to create for them unique E-ticket attractions, or at least a unique spin on a classic attraction - so I feel like they won't invest in a clone of what's itself a lightly-rethemed clone. But I do wonder if Disney want another Avengers Campus - wasn't Hong Kong supposed to have the Asian campus?

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