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    Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Warner Bros. Discovery, a global leader in real-life entertainment, to bring purpose-built indoor adventures centres to the Kingdom which integrate Discovery’s media content. With this partnership SEVEN is supporting the goals of PIF to transform the entertainment landscape of the Kingdom by bringing a first-of-its-kind edutainment attraction to Saudi Arabia that will enable young and old alike to not only be entertained but gain informed insights with educational value.

    The first Discovery Adventures centre, spanning an area of around 3,000 square metres, will open in Riyadh at SEVEN’s entertainment destination, located in the Al Hamra district, and will be Discovery’s inaugural indoor adventures centre globally. SEVEN has partnered with Mycotoo, the leading agency in entertainment strategy and experience design, to design and develop the Discovery Adventures centres to provide unique, fun entertainment. More Discovery Adventures centres are being planned across SEVEN’s entertainment destinations in the Kingdom, and details of the new locations and sizes will be announced in due course.

    Abdullah AlDawood, Chairman of SEVEN, said: “The arrival of Warner Bros. Discovery as a key partner to develop exclusive indoor adventures centres in our entertainment destinations marks a new milestone in the evolution of Saudi Arabia’s entertainment and reaffirms the Kingdom’s position as a leader in the entertainment sector. With the mandate to bring truly world-class experiences to the Kingdom, we have carefully curated distinctive Discovery experiences. They will add to the diverse portfolio of SEVEN’s entertainment attractions in the Kingdom which will enhance people’s lifestyles.”

    Peter van Roden, SVP, Global Themed Entertainment for Warner Bros. Discovery, said: “This is the very first indoor adventures centre for Warner Bros. Discovery here in Saudi Arabia and we’re delighted to be launching it through our partnership with SEVEN. We are pleased that this indoor adventure featuring Discovery content will further aid in our promise to always strive to deliver experiences that we know our fans will love.”

    Delivering the first of the region’s dedicated Discovery experiences, SEVEN’s entertainment destinations will offer unique and exciting entertainment attractions, tailored to meet the requirements and aspirations of Saudi Arabia’s people. Appealing people of all ages, the first Discovery Adventures centre in Riyadh will add to the other entertainment attractions in SEVEN Al Hamra.

    Discovery Adventures centres will bring adventure and excitement in an unparalleled setting that is purpose-designed for Saudi Arabia and aims to make every visitor the ultimate discoverer. Opening a world of exploration, play and education, the centres will welcome visitors to a research base camp from where they set off on a series of different quests and missions. There are adventures for all age-groups, including multi-person activities for families, friends and school groups.

    Spanning over 167,000 square metres of fun, SEVEN Al Hamra will present ten unique offerings which have been specially designed to cater for all age group needs. These exciting entertainment attractions include the Kingdom’s first Clip ‘n Climb facility, first Transformers themed ride-based attraction, an indoor hubless wheel, Wave House – an indoor surfing facility, cinemas, bowling, edutainment, e-karting, a variety of retail outlets as well as an array of casual and fine dining outlets serving local and global cuisines. Five entertainment districts are situated around large indoor atriums which provide access to outdoor public spaces with beautiful gardens and walkways where people can relax and rejuvenate.

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    Some different versions of the renderings for the Al Hamra entertainment complex:


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    Saudi Entertainment Ventures has released on their website new renderings for the different types of zones coming to their entertainment complexes across Saudi Arabia. Some of these renderings are for the Al Hamra entertainment complex (Exit 10) and some of them are for larger entertainment complexes.


    Experience cool and refreshing adventures at a full-occupied waterpark. They include exhilarating slides, relaxing wave pools, and fun-filled water attractions for all ages. These attractions has been designed according to a unique theme convenient to Saudi Arabia`s geology.


    Watch your favorite movies on high-tech screens prepared with modest audio and visual technologies. Also, You can experience the VIP luxurious halls that were designed to offer high-level services for guests.


    Embark on a journey of culinary delights with flavours from all over the world at our local and international restaurants.


    Get your hands on the modest products from the most influential and famous local & international brands.

    Hubless Wheel

    Make lifetime memories on the Hubless Wheel and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of all the attractions.


    Turn your kid's imagination into reality through entertaining experiences, vast areas of edutainment activities, and scientific experiences to stimulate their creativity and innovation.

    Junior FEC

    Bring your kids to an infinite world of interactive games, such as soft play, video games, and two kiddie rides. These games are suitable for 3 to 9 year old children. You can enjoy your shopping with a clear mind knowing your kids are enjoying their time in a safe environment.


    Immerse yourself in a thrilling world of arcades with a wide range of video games, virtual reality experiences, and more. These games will give you a chance to awaken your competitive spirit.

    Multi-purpose venue

    From concerts to live shows, this venue is designed with the latest technologies. It has been set up for a wide range of events all year long.

    Clip ‘n Climb

    Live an exceptional and fun experience that gives you a chance to show your skills and challenge spirit in the indoor climbing center. It includes 35 different attractions. This adventure, without a doubt, will take you to cloud nine.


    Endless fun is waiting for you at our modern bowling alleys and VIP lanes. The lanes are equipped with the latest technologies and designed on a Dystopian Neosphere/Neoscape theme. Remember to finish your game with the best F&B menu.

    Adventure Golf

    Unlock a level of excitement with each swing! Explore a new joy and desire to win. The golf field has nine holes, designed according to theme. Each game can handle six players to compete and enjoy. In addition, the field is settled with identification and interactive scoring technologies. After the game, enjoy various options of F&B.


    Challenge with skill at the indoor e-karting 350m track. Buckle up and set off on the start signal to compete with 12 karting cars. The spirit of excitement will grow your desire to try other experiences. Get yourself whatever you like to make your memories lasts forever.

    Ski/Snow Park

    It’s winter all year round at Snow/Ski Park! Immersed in brand new experiences that bring several of leading snow attractions to life, such as slope ski with excellent trainers. Moreover, there will be a ski school; offering lessons and programs. The indoor gondola rides will take you to fancy restaurants with warm and delicious F&B.

    Indoor SkyDiving

    Spend unforgettable time with your loved ones to experience the actual sensation of flying and defying gravity in a 60m vertical wind tunnel. Take a chance to explore other various activities, like, skydiving. There are different kinds of retails that will give you the perfect shopping experience.


    Walk through the sea-life aquariums and enjoy learning more about the types of aquatic animals with a side information bar.

    Surf Experience

    Experience an artificial wave to explore your skills and abilities. Then, enjoy the fancy vibe, delicious restaurant, and live musical performance.


    Seek knowledge from the lush of jungle, discover the Delta Jungle, and dive into the sea of sciences for a fun and educating journey. Moreover, do not forget to take a tour at Discovery`s retail to save the day in a remarkable product.


    Get your adrenaline rushing with the world's first Transformers-themed attraction! Explore the Transformers universe through an immersive experience in our themed rides. Spoil yourself and your family with unique Transformers branded merchandise in our retail store!

    Family Entertainment Center (FEC)

    Bring your family to a first-class family entertainment center full of surprises, including video and redemption games, VR, and arcades. You will be surrounded with joy and happiness.

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    Saudi Entertainment Ventures has released many details and renderings for an under construction entertainment complex, referred to as "Exit 10", coming to Riyadh:

    Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF), has announced its commitment to invest SAR 50 billion to develop 21 integrated entertainment destinations with over 150 innovative attractions, in partnership with prominent international brands, across 14 cities in Saudi Arabia. Construction of SEVEN’s first entertainment destination in the Al Hamra district of Riyadh has begun.

    The announcement comes at the same time as rapid growth within the Saudi entertainment sector, and the country’s efforts to consolidate the position of the sector in order to diversify sources of income, create jobs, contribute to raising the quality of life for citizens and residents, and improve the ranking of Saudi cities among the best cities globally.

    SEVEN will introduce a new concept in the world of entertainment; its destinations will offer various experiences including a wide range of entertainment attractions, a variety of local and international dining outlets and many more – all under one roof. SEVEN has also secured partnerships with leading global entertainment companies, including Clip ‘n Climb, Warner Bros. Discovery, Mattel for its Hot Wheels brand and Hasbro for its Transformers and Play-Doh brands, to develop world-first entertainment attractions.

    Abdullah AlDawood, Chairman, SEVEN, said: “SEVEN is redefining the future of entertainment in Saudi Arabia through our 21 entertainment destinations across 14 cities with more than 150 world-class attractions that enhance the quality of life for the people of Saudi Arabia. We are partnering with leading entertainment brands and will continue to do so to develop entertainment destinations like no other. The ground-breaking of our first destination in Al Hamra district in Riyadh is a pivotal milestone and we are excited to bring unparalleled experiences to the people and visitors of the Kingdom.”

    He added: “We believe that the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia is full of opportunities and plays an important role in the growth of the local economy. It also forms a strong basis for creating jobs and is a strong driver for a large number of other economic sectors including the local tourism sector. We will provide opportunities for local SMEs, develop Saudi talent, localise technical expertise and transfer knowledge through our global partnerships.”

    SEVEN’s entertainment destination in Al Hamra, which has an investment value of more than SAR 3 billion, is set on a land area of more than 90,000 square metres with a built-up area of 167,000 square metres and occupies a strategic location at the intersection of the Eastern Ring Road and King Abdullah Road. SEVEN Al Hamra is expected to attract 6 million visitors per year by providing world-leading entertainment attractions.

    SEVEN has appointed Shapoorji Pallonji, one of the largest engineering, procurement, and construction conglomerates in the region, to undertake the construction and management of the project. The agreement was signed by Abdullah AlDawood, Chairman of SEVEN, and Vidya Sagar, Vice President of Shapoorji Pallonji, at a ceremony held at the SEVEN Al Hamra site.

    M.D. Saini, Managing Director and CEO of Shapoorji Pallonji, said: “Saudi Arabia, through Vision 2030, has ambitions to become one of the best places to live and visit in the world. We at Shapoorji Pallonji feel honoured that SEVEN chose to partner with us on this ambitious and path-breaking venture. We are already executing multiple projects in Saudi Arabia and this project will certainly add significantly to our business portfolio and further establish our long-lasting legacy in Saudi Arabia.”

    SEVEN Al Hamra will feature many of SEVEN’s signature entertainment experiences including an indoor hubless wheel, Wave House indoor surfing, a 10-lane bowling alley, indoor skydiving, an indoor karting racetrack, as well as cinemas, restaurants, cafes, international retail stores and fitness.

    SEVEN’s entertainment destination in Al Hamra will also be home to numerous world-first entertainment attractions developed through global partnerships, including a Discovery indoor adventures centre, an edutainment attraction offering a world of exploration, play and education; Clip 'n Climb, featuring 40 unique climbing challenges for all ages; and a Transformers themed ride-based attraction, offering highly immersive experiences.

    SEVEN has partnered with leading companies in their fields to design these entertainment destinations including AOA, CallisonRTKL in collaboration with Thinkwell, WME and Ellis Don.

    SEVEN’s entertainment destinations are strategically located to serve the wider population of Saudi Arabia, ensuring that they are easily accessible by all. The upcoming projects will be located in Riyadh, Kharj, Makkah, Jeddah, Taif, Dammam, Khobar, Al Ahsa, Madinah, Yanbu, Abha, Jazan, Buraidah, and Tabuk.
    • Transformers
    One-of-a-kind experience with the popular brand "Transformers" in exceptional and first-ever entertainment zones.

    • Indoor Hubless Wheel
    Fabulous trip to the top, from which you can discover all activities through a panoramic view.

    • Discovery
    From the heart of the jungle, experiences to inspire and adventures that combine learning with fun are located.

    • Indoor Surf experience
    Time to surf up! You can experience the thrill of catching a wave and discover skills amid beautiful atmosphere and flavorful meals.

    • Clip ‘n climb
    Different highs and exciting hiking challenges for all ages.

    • Indoor Skydiving
    A simulation of skydiving to experience zero gravity and fly away for all ages.

    • Bowling
    Full prepared alley with shiny lanes and delicious meals and beverages to get ready for the fun.

    • Karting
    Pathways that are polished with excitement for all ages.

    • Cinema
    A luxurious cinema experience that takes you through the screen and beyond the walls to live every minute of your favorite movie.

    • Multi-purpose Venue
    Venue for all events and live shows, prepared with the most modern technologies.


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    Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN) has awarded Lebanon’s Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) the estimated $650m contract to build the Exit 15 entertainment complex in the Al-Nahdah area of Riyadh. The 40-month contract involves the construction of a retail centre along with a multistorey car park, cinema, food and beverage outlets, an indoor water park, a snow park and a ski slope. The total built-up area is about 215,000 square metres (sq m), with parking accounting for approximately half the area and entertainment, retail and food and beverage spaces taking up more than 70,000 sq m.

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    Construction progress on the Exit 15 entertainment complex in Riyadh:


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