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    According to the SEVEN presentation at the blooloop V-Expo, two entertainment centers are currently in an advanced design stage. Both will be located in the Riyadh area specifically Al Hamra and Al Nahda.

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    I believe this is never before seen designs of upcoming projects for Saudi Entertainment Ventures:

    Sources: and

  3. According to this the two major theme parks that Saudi Entertainment Ventures will be developing and operating will be located in Jeddah and Dammam so this means that previously mentioned upcoming theme park planned for Aziziyah will be smaller in scale.

  4. SEVEN is currently involved in "a number of real estate acquisitions, leases and memoranda of understandings as well as joint ventures with international entities in the entertainment sector."

  5. Saudi Entertainment Ventures is fully owned by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund.

    The Public Investment Fund (PIF) is the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. It is among the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world with total estimated assets of $320 billion. It was founded for the purpose of investing funds on behalf of the Government of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia aims at transferring the PIF from a mere local authority to the largest sovereign fund in the world.
    PIF is also in charge of Qiddiyah and NEOM:

    Qiddiyah, an entertainment megaproject was established on 7 April 2017, and is currently being built, is wholly owned by PIF.
    On 29 January 2019, Saudi Arabia has announced setting up a closed joint-stock company named NEOM with $500 billion.[24] The aim of this company that wholly owned by the PIF, the sovereign wealth fund, is to develop the economic zone of Neom.
    Source: Wikipedia /

    Qiddiya & NEOM updates:

  6. Pictures of SEVEN's booth at Future Projects Forum Riyadh (February 2020):


  7. Here is the location of SEVEN's headquarters in Saudi Arabia's capital:

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    This photo from Google Maps shows the location of the theme park in the Concept Art (from previous post - shown here again for comparison)

    Source: Google Maps

  9. It looks like Half Moon Bay is south of the city of Dammam, just across the bridge from Bahrain. Smart location for SEVEN's first theme park.

  10. Pictures from their FB page:

    Note that one of their theme parks will be called 'Half Moon Bay'.

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