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  1. Pictures of SEVEN's booth at Future Projects Forum Riyadh (February 2020):


  2. Here is the location of SEVEN's headquarters in Saudi Arabia's capital:

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    This photo from Google Maps shows the location of the theme park in the Concept Art (from previous post - shown here again for comparison)

    Source: Google Maps

  4. It looks like Half Moon Bay is south of the city of Dammam, just across the bridge from Bahrain. Smart location for SEVEN's first theme park.

  5. Pictures from their FB page:

    Note that one of their theme parks will be called 'Half Moon Bay'.

  6. Here is a small SEVEN logo/promo video:

  7. A Feb 25th article refers to "two LARGE" theme parks:

    LONDON: The Saudi Entertainment Ventures Company (SEVEN) plans to develop theme parks and entertainment centers around the country.
    Plans include 20 entertainment destinations, 50 cinemas and two large theme parks in prime locations across the Kingdom, the Public Investment Fund unit said in a statement on Tuesday.

  8. We shall figure out the precise location shortly.

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    Does anyone know where this location is? Land-clearing has already begun for the Riyadh sites according to the press release in November 2019.

    One of the leaders in the Saudi Arabian drive to transform the country’s leisure and entertainment offering is Saudi Entertainment Ventures and its CEO Bill Ernest spoke to InterGame revealing just what its roadmap contained. [...] The construction that Ernest speaks of is considerable, too. Averaging an impressive 50,000sq.m each, 20 Seven branded, indoor entertainment complexes are planned for the kingdom and will comprise 50 per cent entertainment, 30 per cent F&B and 20 per cent dedicated retail.
    Land clearing and construction on two sites in the capital, Riyadh, are already under way with sites in the eastern city of Dammam being worked on, too. US-headquartered global design and architecture firm Gensler is putting together the outside designs and fellow US experience design and production agency Thinkwell is responsible for the guest journey inside.

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