Of course this park has opened a while ago, but we'd like to link some official ride and attraction videos of Maurer and Huss Park attractions here.

The park looks largely inspired by Lotte World, as evident from the design of the dome and that it has an outdoor part with a castle. The rides are all different and all in all it is easier to navigate between the levels, as there are much less in this park than at Lotte. Interesting is the indoor Intamin Looper, as well as a non-sense boat ride through Venice, which can be seen 100% from the outside - so no reason to ride.
The Intamin monorail has a switch, which allows it to be operated just indoor, or indoor and outdoor. It was the most busiest ride in the park and it was just operating indoor on the days when we were there.

Dragon Legend of Maurer Rides:

Caribbean Pirates of Huss Park Attractions:

Crazy Cab of Huss Park Attractions: