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SFDXB is cancelled. Official announcement once DXB Ents has completed legal formalities with investors.

Existing purchased rides (there are several) will be displaced between Motiongate and Bollywood (or other Dubai Holdings / Meraas assets).

Bollywood will transition in to a pay-per-ride attraction later this year (Global Village model).

DPR is currently restructuring it's park operations to move away from direct hires to 3rd party workforce. Front line team have been given until end of July to find their own accommodation and transport in a move that many view as a deliberate tactic to force resignations and avoid mandatory redundancies, of which there have just been 100+. It will be interesting to see what this does to service standards which are already suffering with the loss of many of the original experienced team to other projects.
Can you please explain where you got this info from? Because honestly, with the info that uaeprojects is bringing up, i find this very hard to believe.