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    Some more photos of The Storm Coaster at Dubai Hills Mall.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to get the permit for a POV or photos from inside the doom building in time.
    All photos were taken from publicly accessible areas and after a short chat with the on-site security.

    In the source, you will also find my review of the ride, in case anyone is interested in how it rides.
  2. Thread: SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

    Post by: coasterpix
    I used my last visit to the UAE to take some photos of the INTAMIN coaster at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

    There are no new developments to report, however some might enjoy some clean shots of the roller coaster.

    I am uncertain if it is just the perspective of the photo. However, the second photo shows two spines coming very close to each other. I can already hear them making a sound when a train passes over.

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