Here are some of the latest news about the park:

- Rides in the park will begin to be built in early 2017
- Announced Dark Roller Coaster. Rollercoaster theme will be based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It will be 25 meters high, with several inversions. Manufacturer will be Intamin.
- Also announced "Flying Theatre" (the first in Europe). The film will be based on a journey into the prehistoric world of dinosaurs
- Other than the entrance of the castle from the outside of the building, there will be another indoor castle in the building. It is the castle of the Snow Queen. It will have a height of 28 meters.
- The park will combine Dreamworks characters and Russian cartoon characters.

Today I had some free time and I went to the construction of the park to take some photos. The weather was not very good, so the picture quality is bad. But you can still see how quick the process of construction!