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    The rides in the London Resort will most likely be similar to those in paramount park Kunming the main ones include:
    Mission:impossible. 3D dark ride
    Italian job: overrun. Studio style coaster
    Snoopys dream adventure. 3D interactive dark ride
    Tomb Raider - escape from emerald mountain Mine train coaster (in the concept art you can see a wooden coaster with an adventure theme!)
    Warp Dive. Intense launch coaster although there is no indication on the theme
    Starfleet Recruiting Centre. Which will be Startrek and in old concept art for London resort this was almost certainly included.
    It will include an ‘intense walk through’ as well as the ride
    Sadly I can not see any horror rides!

    Please note that this is not confirmed and is just realistic speculation
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    Firstly I would like to say that the entrance area is totally free and will be as exciting as the rides themselves also the entrance high street area will be similar to Downtown Disney, Disney Village and Disney Springs however the scale is a lot smaller!

    Here are all the things I picked up from the interview:
    * There will be areas for kids to get wet and have fun although it was not included in the video tour.
    * An 800 room hotel most likely Radisson Blu because it seems more luxury than the hollow brick of a hotel which stands near the dock.
    * A high class music venue where it is said that there will be professional performances and concerts by your favourite stars.
    * A three story e-sports centre with one level for marvel (innovention city) a second for gamers alike to compete live and the third for has not been announced. There will be an extremely large e-sports arena will host approximately 2500 seats for gamers and fans where professional fan favourites will compete this will most likely be a pay for attraction as well as the e-sports music venue and practically everything here other than admissions.
    * There will also be a large dome full of a traditional English market with a hole at the top and a gigantic tree which is there to admire.
    * There will also be the massive convention centre and an interactive exhibition space.
    * Sitting below the beautiful LED bird display sheltering the high street area (it could become the company’s logo says Py Gerbeau) will be many shops and restaurants!
    * Welcoming you to this area is an enormous LED sculpture which will look futuristic and stunning!
    * Lastly if you want to see the progress there will be a preview centre where you can press the windows and a realistic photo will pop up seemingly real and it will tell you all about that feature, a castle was basically confirmed as there was a castle in the background and during the presentation Py said, "you can press the window and it will tell you all about the castle, not to confirm that there is a castle."

    Thank you for reading!
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