What we know about the attraction lineup so far from Screamscape:

Empire Industries has announced that their Dynamic Structures buisness unit has been awarded an $18 million contract to build a new ride for “a global leader in amusement parks” that will be installed in a park in China over the next 18 months.

Screamscape Translation – The contract has been signed for Dynamic Structures to build the long rumored Soarin’ over the Horizon ride for Shanghai Disneyland.
...they reconfirm that Shanghai Disneyland’s Toy Story Land wont have the Green Army Men’s Parachute Drop ride, but instead is listed to have something mentioned as “Round Up attraction”. It isn’t known if this will be some form of live entertainment such as the Woody’s All-American Roundup show going into Disneyland or if this could be some kind of replacement ride for the missing Parachute Drop.
...the top secret new version of Soarin’ opening at Shanghai Disneyland in 2015 is expected to be called Soarin’ Over The Horizon, essentially a Global version of the Soarin’ concept featuring famous icons and landcapes from around the world.
...the ‘hub’ area will be called Gardens of Imagination, but before you enter the Garden you will pass down Mickey Avenue, the name of the official entryway portion of the park taking the place of Main Street USA. Going left to right around the ‘hub’ will be Tomorrowland (yes, they are keeping the name), Toy Story Land, Fantasyland, Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle. The later two will take the place of a traditional “Adventureland” and as previously discussed there will be no Frontierland in this park either.
I’m still working on narrowing down the list of attractions, but I’m told that everything I mentioned yesteday will be in the park, including an all new version of Soarin’. Tomorrowland will will feature a version of the Astro Orbiter / Rocket Jets ride along with the new Tron coaster and Buzz Lightyear ride. Fantasyland is rumored to have some kind of unique replacement for the traditional Tea Cups style ride, and according to the early rumors the Peter Pan’s Flight ride going into Shanghai will be bigger and better than the previous versions to date. The park will also still feature that rumored River Rapids ride (in the Adventure Isle area I believe)… but the Lost World Dinosaurs theme has been dropped in favor of something entirely new it seems. Oh… and there will be no It’s A Small World in the park either, as they are leaving that one to be unique to Hong Kong Disneyland in the region for now.