Motiongate Visit Review

60% of the rides where still closed. However the rides we did and the overall park design looks great. Very nicely done. Nice shops, nice restaurants, highly themed queues. I love the fact they are working with 2nd hand / classic IP's. This gives the park a sort of nostalgic feeling. It's risky, because lots of people will forget about Hotel Transylvania, Smurfs, Cloudy with Chance of Meatballs, Hunger Games, Step Up, etc in the future I think. But the IP's are a great source for design of the rides, kiosks, restaurants, merchandise etc. And it feels less commercial that way. Only thing I would have done different is mixing the IP's into different themed zones, now there is one zone per movie brand (Sony/Lionsgate/DreamWorks), but I would have preferred to have a Ghostbusters in a New York zone with other IP's or stories related to NY instead.