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  1. Thread: Ghibli Park

    Post by: Nadezhda
    Ghibli Park is scheduled to open on November 1st this year, and the countdown has already begun, both for the construction team and the fans who have been waiting for the opening since it was first announced in 2017.

    Nevertheless, you can already see what the park is all about. Visitors can walk around the memorial park where the thematic sections of Ghibli Park are being built.

    The first thing you see as you enter is a fantastic elevator tower.

    Another building that is almost finished is the store from Whisper of the Heart. Until recently, this building was all covered with scaffolding. This building looks exactly like the store shown in the anime, featuring the same design and color scheme.

  2. Thread: Sochi Park

    Post by: Nadezhda
    The number of water attactions in Sochi Park continues to grow as the construction of "Sea Princess" extreme flume is coming to an end in summer 2022.

    "Sochi Park keeps on stirring the imagination of its visitors even today. Our territory has been expanded to accomodate a few unique attractions, and this expansion started with the installation of a gigantic water flume "Sea Princess", Europe's first ride of such size." - says the Sochi Park General manager Luydmila Kuznetzova.

    Steep rises on gondolas and panoramic views from 12 meters above ground, a rapid drop with a free-fall effect from three waterfalls and a huge six-meter wave - the area of 5,500 square meters is already being prepared for an extreme water attraction in Sochi Park. The giant flume can roll 60 people at a time. This entertainment is designed for guests who are at least 120 cm tall.

    Sochi Park is the first theme park in Russia which embraces its culture and history. A large variety of attractions situated in the heart of the 2014 Olympic Games venue ranks among top-25 best theme parks of Europe winning numerous international awards since 2015.
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