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  1. Thread: Shanghai Disneyland

    Post by: USHToday
    Shanghai Disneyland has announced its entertainment programs and some more info on some of it's attractions.

    Shanghai Disneyland will feature favorite Disney characters from Snow White to Luke Skywalker, under an entertainment program announced for the upcoming park on Wednesday.

    The stories of classic Disney princesses will be staged in the site's signature Enchanted Storybook Castle, said Matt Almas, the company's creative executive.

    Visitors will learn to draw Marvel characters and interact with the heroes and villains of the Star Wars universe in sci-fi zone Tomorrowland.
    Chinese elements will also be incorporated, Almas said.

    The final carriage of Mickey's Storybook Express, a train running through the park, will be dedicated to Mulan, an animated movie depicting a female war hero of ancient China. Each carriage will be based on a different Disney film.

    The Lion King musical will be performed in Chinese at the park's theater. Visitors will also join Donald Duck and Chip'n'Dale to practice traditional Chinese martial art Tai Chi.
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    Wanda Group has made deals to acquire a majority stake in "Legendary Entertainment", the company who produced Godzilla, Jurassic World, Pacific Rim, and more. It should be noted that Universal Pictures and Legendary Entertainment are partners together as they entered the partnership 2 years ago.

    (...) and we are also excited about what opportunities this will bring to our theme parks around the world," Universal Studios COO Ron Meyer said in a statement.
    That statement brings up a question in my opinion. With Wanda acquiring a majority stake in Legendary, could this mean new theme park attractions based off of their properties?

    The main article doesn't specifically mention theme parks, but that the Wanda Group company has a stake in them.


    Your thoughts?
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    We are exactly 3 months and 2 days until Universal Studios Hollywood officially opens The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! This post won't entirely pertain to Potter, but there are other park developments currently to accommodate more crowds soon. Here's a few photos from

    In the photo above, a sign was put up about work in progress, plays nice with the theme of Harry Potter.

    Like in my previous post, the construction walls were pushed back inside of the arch.

    What you are looking here is the new refreshed front entrance, and this building will be home to a huge expansion of the existing Universal Studios Store, with a dedicated Potter section in the middle of it.

    They have made their entry plaza a lot more open, as they anticipate large crowds coming in the next couple of months. And they have installed extra security measures like at the Disneyland Resort.

    Original article:
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    Happy 2016 everyone! We are about 3 more months until the official grand opening of #WizardingWorldHollywood!

    There aren't many photos in my opinion that need continual updating, since at this point all the stuff is internal.

    The latest update so far is they have moved the main construction wall behind the main entry way to the land (still not accessible to public). It's one step closer for tourists to be immersed inside the Wizarding World!

    Tweet by @ryanthemepark:

    Also, the return time ticket systems have been installed between Shrek 4D and Universal Plaza, which is essentially Disney's Fastpass System technically, but for a land.

    It was reported earlier today that more walls were pushed back more, revealing more of #WizardingWorldHollywood between Springfield and the Studio Tour entry plaza.
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    @ryanthemepark on Twitter tweeted out a screenshot regarding #WizardingWorldHollywood annual pass previews:

    It says "you'll get an invitation to join us for our Annual Pass Event to experience The Wizarding World of Harry Potter".

    So can this dictate soft openings to the public before the April 7th opening?

    Original link to tweet:

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