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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucid_Tornado View Post
    Michael, I just realized that the hybrid coaster in the concept art is much bigger than what's being built in the park. Was there a height restriction placed or did the park decide to make it smaller?
    Interestingly it looks like the RMC Goliath clone that also appears in the Six Flags Dubai concept art, at some point they switched to GCI for whatever reason, but intriguingly this makes it look like they switched after sending the rides from six flags to the other parks, which doesn’t make too much sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Themeparkmad View Post
    Building on the ‘uk disneyland’ topic: it is not just LRCH that refer to the plans as the uks answer to Disneyland it’s everywhere in the news, if you simply search up: the London resort, most of the titles will be uk Disneyland or the uks answer to Disneyland and this is Extremely misleading as my freinds actually thought it was Disney that had proposed the plans and that they were very certain. I think that they should stop comparing it to Disneyland Paris as it’s similar very slightly but no similar enough to compare them both!
    While many might mistake it for an actual Disneyland, I think describing as the “UK’s answer to Disneyland” is their best bet at getting the general public to understand what it actually is. There are maybe three sorts of park the public might understand - amusement park, lower-budget theme park and higher-budget theme park - the UK has some amusement parks and lower-budget theme parks about that the public may have been to or at least know of, and it’s important that this potential development is understood to be very different to what the UK currently has on offer, so to make it clear that this will be different they say it’s similar to the one major high-budget chain that the public actually know - Disney.

    It isn’t great of course that some media outlets describe it as ‘UK Disneyland’ rather than ‘UK’s answer to Disneyland’, as that is a definite statement that it is a Disneyland.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    No, Disney announced that they are starting their theme park in the City of Pearls, Hyderabad, Telangana
    According to which is a news article from 2016, the local tourism department had at most contacted Disney to show them incentives to build a resort in the area.

    Considering it’s been four and a half years, I doubt anything came of this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hjalmar View Post
    According to the latest meeting of NSIP, they are still "on their way" for submitting their plans to the board. However with 2 weeks left in December to make it within their own timescale. Concerning leaving the EU, the UK has better things to do than building a theme park, like sorting out the aftermath of the departure.
    I would surely expect a post-Brexit UK to be encouraging major tourism projects like this.
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    The reason it’s on hold though isn’t financial like most projects, but due to the state of the entire region’s theme park industry; if other parks in the UAE continue to become more successful, then maybe it will be built.

    Though the affect on tourism by Covid might mean that the financial backing disappears also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    This is just speculation but I'm wondering if this expansion is a separate "Peppa Pig" area. The location of this relative to the rest of the park would make sense and the rides and design of the area seem to be similar to Peppa Pig Land at Heide Park and Gardaland and Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park.
    Had a quick look at the Peppa Pig land in Heide park (which of course is also Merlin owned) on Google Earth and found that one ride is definitely the same (if not flipped):
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    The concept in the video appears to be that from the Paramount Kunming park
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post

    Adventure City - features Paramount's action movies, such as Mission: Impossible and The Italian Job

    Dinosaur Empire - based on James Gurney's "Dinotopia" fantasy book series in which humans live in harmony alongside intelligent dinosaurs

    Not news, but it looks to me as though the water ride and studio/backlot section of this park are the same as in the London Resort. The water ride’s building is the exact shape as on the London Resort’s concept map, and the other section looks the same but flipped as the Studio in London.
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