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    Currently K Max Cinema, Juman Kart, swimming pool and Mini Golf are active in the region with ticketing provided by Gantner Ltd.

    There is not yet a word on the following phase of construction which should include the Motor Park. I presume that this is either scrapped or at least on hold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenJacobs View Post
    I would surely expect a post-Brexit UK to be encouraging major tourism projects like this.
    When NSIP has been approved and a permit has been given, LRCH is capable for applying for grants to help with construction of the resort. They have not made it clear yet whether they remain operating as a private supported project or that they will request financial support from the UK government.

    BALPPA however has made it very clear that there are worries, as far back as 12th of October 2015, concerning this project for tourism in the UK. As Paul Kelly stated in his letter to the NSIP " cannibalise the existing tourism industry in London, or become a 'white elephant' that does not deliver the proposed benefits". Which is showing that although the group endorse new competitors, it should not be based on false promises. Don't forgot that the LRCH has proposed a 15 million visitors in their theme park annually, which is the same amount of visitors combined in the theme park industry today in the UK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    I'm looking forward to seeing more progress be made with this project, I personally think it will go ahead but maybe with an opening date for 2025.

    After leaving the EU I think the UK government will grab this opportunity with both hands
    According to the latest meeting of NSIP, they are still "on their way" for submitting their plans to the board. However with 2 weeks left in December to make it within their own timescale. Concerning leaving the EU, the UK has better things to do than building a theme park, like sorting out the aftermath of the departure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Themeparkjoe View Post
    Wikipedia says it’s on hold
    Anyone can change a Wikipedia page, doesn't mean it is true.

    20th Century Fox World will never be built with this theme, Disney will not allow this and the Genting Group is the proof of this. They literally were months away from opening their Fox World inspired park before the merger of Disney and Fox and Disney pulled the plug on their theme license.

    As CarlySX said, this is dead and will not be coming back to the land of the living.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    I think that you are being quite negative. There has been significant progress recently and the DCO is planned to be put forward early 2021, I am sure everyone would love to see this project go ahead!
    Personally I see myself as realistic, this park was suppose to open in 2020 with permit filing in 2016. This hasn't happened until now, and according to your post they have again delayed the timeline and moved it to 2021.

    What makes me more worried is that up to now, no details have been shown on what is going to attract people to the park. If you compare this with relevant projects like Universal's Epic Universe, the filing of official documents show detailed masterplans of what each section of the park is going to be. Up to this point London Resort has shown intentions of what's to come except for concepts with generic themes. This is weird as they claim to have ITV, Paramount and BBC behind them for IP's, so where are the IP inspired concepts?

    They are asking people to sign off on the DCO with no knowledge on what the both parks offering into the mix of all hotels, E-Arena and other side offerings within a resort. Basically they are now selling Disney Village with the hotels without telling what the parks are.

    I would love to have a resort 30 minutes from my home, but let's be realistic, this has been going on since 2015 without any construction as of yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Parisio1980 View Post
    Will the London Resort go ahead?
    As long as the resort doesn't file for the permit request for building, the project is not going ahead. They have only shown preliminary investigations and intentions up to this point. NSIPs mean nothing more than that the government recognizes that the project has an impact on the country if approved and constructed. As long as London Resorts keep faffing about with their permit request, like they have done over the last five years, they will not start constructing anytime soon. The permit request was suppose to happen in Q4 of this year, however I haven't seen this done as off yet. If they don't do the permit soon, the opening of 2024 might be a very difficult deadline to reach.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucid_Tornado View Post
    I think this is a ride relocated from Six Flags. The ride manufacturer might be Zamperla, Intamin or S&S Sansei. This is the concept art for the ride:

    The ride currently being build is a StarFlyer, CGI Hybrid and a Mack SuperSplash at the Bollywood Park. Motion gate is receiving a Maurer Spinning and S&S FreeSpin.

    There are in total 12 former Six Flags rides being relocated into the current parks, as mentioned in the financial report of Q1 2020. Suppose to open within the next 12 months. The remaining rides have not yet been announced/constructed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    The second picture is created by Piet de Koning, who did concept planning for the Wickie the Viking lands in the Plopsa Parks.
  9. Thread: Epcot expansion

    Post by: Hjalmar
    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    I also think more attractions could add to it cause a lot of the fun there can be in spending money.
    We aren't we lucky than that EPCOT is receiving or already received the following things in the coming years:
    Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
    Remy's Ratatouille Adventure
    New show in China, Canada, Land Pavillion and France
    Moana interactive waterplay area
    PLAY! Pavillion
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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlySX View Post
    . I think there is already confirmation that Cars Route 66 will not open as planned (anyone confirm this?) so the chances of them adding in new things at this point is extremely unlikely.
    Route 66 has been postponed until 2021, and it will have the Dinoco Truck in Catastrophe Canyon as it has already the colour scheme for it on the watertower. Studio D has been constructed and will not open in 2020 and is as well postponed until 2021.

    So far Avangers is still on schedule to open in 2021 with Hotel New York: Art of Marvel in Q2 2021. However I don't believe that DLP will open any major new attraction or hotel unless they can have full press coverage for it. As we have seen with Ratatouille in EPCOT, the ride is finished but they are waiting for the right moment to actually open it with the best media coverage for it.

    It is rumoured that the full price tag announced for the expansion also includes an expansion for Disneyland Parc, most likely Mickey and Minnie's run away railway at the former Beauty and the Beast location. But there is no evidence thus far that supports this. Or the rumoured expansion at Indy.
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    Kentucky Kingdom has been teasing a new coaster for 2021.
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