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    Avenger's ride

    Looking at the Avengers Campus, and in particular, the new Avenger's ride, it looks like they've got something exciting planned.

    While the linked video from Park's Bros is speculation from months ago, they propose that it could be based upon a Vekomma Flying Coaster.

    Based on some of the concept art however, I'm actually wondering if it may be a robotic arm attraction (Dance with Robots at Futuroscope for example) that is within an immersive dome like screen using Kuka robotic arms.

    Depending on how literal the image can be interpreted, there's something about the independent depiction of the riders that could indicate they will move freely from each other. Note the 3 riders on jetpacks.

    Image linked from here:
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    Jurassic Park Coaster

    At first I thought the photo of the launch was the initial launch, but I believe what we are looking at is the second of two launches. This will be an amazing experience as a rider is most likely accelerating at high velocity through a dark tunnel towards the light. Upon leaving the tunnel guests may skim the water briefly at high speed, and based upon the layout of concrete piles, will probably climb high while making a sharp left turn. I suspect this will be the most intense moment of the ride.

    This will be a highly visible and prominent ride with about half the track over pedestrian areas and water. It is also visible from across the Islands of Adventure Lagoon not long after you enter the park. To have one of the most intense moments of the ride in a more public and open space will definitely lure in more riders. While the ride is probably more focused on intensity and speed and not so much theming and story, I'm hoping creators make the most of a dramatic moment, perhaps the sounds of velociraptors chasing after the ride vehicles during the second launch. I'm thinking of something like the launch sounds on the Hulk ride that grabs your attention as a pedestrian to look, draw you in, and make you want to get in line. The linked video below features this.

    To the left of the launch in the photo is most likely a maintenance bay. The tower is probably more of a set or prop item, and I'm guess would be themed as a watch tower. The back area of the ride (hidden from pedestrian view), could maybe have more vegetation and be loosely themed as a velociraptor pen. But that's just some speculation.

    There are some speculated ride path diagrams out there that seem to match the concrete pilings pretty closely. This is one of the more detailed ones at Orlando Park Stop:

    One enthusiast by the name of Ethan G on Youtube has already modeled this in the No Limits Simulator here:

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    Spiderman Interactive Dark Ride

    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    Spiderman interactive dark ride renderings/blueprints/schematics:

    Given that there is a Spiderman attraction at Universal Orlando, one could easily want to make a direct comparison, but from the plans as posted and more recent details, this is quite a different ride.

    The ride paths are different with the Orlando attraction being seemingly random and irregular, while the Disney layout is a set of 180 degree turns zig zagging through the facility with minimal voids and wasted space. From a space planning perspective, it is actually quite efficient. The ceiling in the Disney layout also appears to be quite low so I suspect the ride vehicle is designed to focus or restrict the view to the screens or sets at eye level.

    In Orlando the attraction features large screens and physical sets that riders speed through in a more frantic and disorienting path while the story line develops. I suspect the Disney Paris attraction will focus less on physical sets, but instead offer interactivity, most likely involving shooting webs (hence the code name Slingshot).
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    These are some great blueprints for Disneyland Paris Frozen Land from which we can extract a bit of information.

    In comparison to the Frozen Land in Epcot, the foot print for Disneyland Paris is far more rectangular, while in Orlando it's an irregularly shaped pentagon. Both ride areas are nearly the same surface area in the range of 3200 square meters when traced (not including retail, restaurants etc...)

    Orlando used an existing facility so this new purpose built facility should have fewer design limitations.

    While the mountain appears to be impressive in height in the artist renders, and will no doubt be impressive in person, the height is probably in the range of 30-35 meters. This is considerably shorter than the Matterhorn or Expedition Everest. Some clever forced perspective and scaling will ensure the mountain appears much taller than it is.

    The village of the Frozen Land, and castle that will be off to the right as you approach, hides the bulk of what is otherwise a rectangular box nearly 20 meters in height.

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