Environmental scoping now available for The London Resort.

SouthParks has released details of the recently published Environmental Scoping report which reveals a few new bits of information.

Key details:
- Roller coasters will not exceed 40m, "mountains" will not exceed 60m and buildings will not exceed 32m
- A mixture of IP-based attractions and original themes are in the works
- They are still intending for a second gate to open in 2029 with an estimate of 12.5 million visitors per year (6.5 million for first gate in 2024)
- 4 hotels are planned totalling 3550 rooms with 2500 available for the opening of gate one, one hotel could be located within gate one in similar style to Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Resort Paris
- A 3000 seat convention/conference centre is proposed along with an eSports arena and a number of theatres

More details about car parking, transport links, staff housing and more are in the link below: