Hi Giwreh,

The project does not appear to be feasible - from your perspective? This is interesting...

So have you been working on the project from the beginning? If so would be great to hear more from you

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In december 2012, I analysed the proposal.
Was very sceptic about market feasibility. (Not feasible, based on the market only)
Since march 2013, I could analyse the proposal again, with business references.
Feasibility was dead. In this second review : financial feasibility was dead born as well.
Shared my analysis with several other IAAPA consultant members.
There were 2 camps :
- those who thought they could still earn some share of the dead-born kids development money,
- and those who got a clear view of no-go as well.
Opportunist money grabbing has aways existed. They do not care at all if a project gets born bankrupt.
I still doubt that all concept designers have been paid...
Anyway, feasibility on this project is negative. Since start. And that's it...