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  1. Thread: Motiongate Dubai

    Post by: LI
    From LinkedIn sources:

    Riva Park Projects LLC is a subsidiary company of The Riva Group of Companies which is a diversified design and development group with a physical presence that spans Europe, USA, the Middle East and Far East Asia. Riva Park Projects LLC specializes in the planning and design of theme parks, resorts & special attraction venues including Family Entertainment Centres (FEC).
    Projects include Dubai Adventure Studios Theme Park, Bollywood Theme Park, Gaming FEC and prototypical projects code named, Velo, Epicenter, Directors Park and Madman projects.
    and from July 2013: ensure timely and efficient responses together with fast track reactive claim and settlement response on the construction of Dubai's New Theme Parks at Jebel Ali near Dubai with Riva Park Projects, a new name in theme park construction internationally.
  2. Thread: Shanghai Disneyland

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    From LinkedIn sources:

    Responsible for the delivery of the Retail, Dining and Entertainment facilities for the new resort, including a 1200 seat grand proscenium theater.
    Participated in pre-contract negotiations, providing voice of consumer input and foundational data that influenced US$4.4 billion of investment decisions and design parameters.
    Spearheaded demand research to size the market, reduce initial risk, and justify investment for expansion plans.
  3. Thread: HotGo DreamWorld

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    From LinkedIn sources:

    Kirk is currently the Architectural Project Designer for Dreamworld Resort and Theme Park, a $1.5 billion dollar resort development in Shenyang/Fushun Peoples Republic of China. While at Dreamworld he has been developing concept designs for a 400 room hotel and a 600 room hotel and spa which includes exclusive high end commercial and mixed use retail, residential with an entertainment zone.
  4. Thread: Sochi Park

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    From LinkedIn sources:

    Developed in cooperation with Jack Rouse Associates (USA), Maxmakers (Switzerland), JLL (Moscow office), Mack Rides and Europa-Park (Germany), Drees and Sommer (Germany), Speech (Russia), Kohlbecker and Architects (Germany).

    “Sochi-Park” indicators:
    Total site area – 52 ha, development area – 130000 m2,
    Theme park (5 themed lands: Fortress of Warriors, Gate of Fire, Enchanted Forest, City of Science and Fiction, Eco Village) - 20 ha,
    35 Rides and in- and outdoor top attraction groups of Mack Rides, Vekoma, Brogent and other partners,
    350-room themed medieval castle-hotel,
    13 International Olympic Committee buildings and objects.

    A $300 million all-year-round theme park with 2 million guests annual expected attendance.
  5. Thread: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

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    From LinkedIn sources:

    Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is nearing the end of its three-year construction period on Hengqin Island in China’s southeastern Guangdong province.

    Ocean Kingdom will be the first great Asian theme park combining animal exhibits, themed entertainment shows, and thrill rides. Its eight themed zones will incorporate family and thrill attractions like the MACK dark ride, water coaster, and super splash as well as a Bolliger & Mabillard flying coaster and a wide variety of attractions.

    Facilities Operations Service:
    An integrated ELV control system which manage energy, chilled water system, boiler plant, surveillance and irrigation system.
    Three chiller plants which serves 21000Rt of the cooling capacity to the park.

    Life Support System:
    The largest life support system all over the world which handle over 90,000 tons water for the living sea mammals. The estimated daily consumption of the sea water will be around 260 tons.

    All attractions are provided by well-known ride manufacturers such as Chance Morgan, Zierer, B&M and Mack Ride.
    Responsible for the creation, implementation and development of the training program for various world-class marine mammal shows at "Hengqin Ocean Kingdom", a huge marine theme-park project located in South-East China right accross the water of Macau.

    Coach and coordinate the efforts of 40 trainers/supervisors. Oversee the daily care and well being of a zoological collection that includes beluga whales, bottlenose dolphins and Pacific white-sided dolphins.
    Currently working on the design and construction of 60m high artificial rockwork mountain at Chimelong Henqin Ocean Kingdom Project.
    Design, Build and Installation of 13,500SQM of external rockworks, 2500SQM of restaurant facade, and guest area interior façade works of 3 exhibits gallery.
  6. Thread: Primorsky Oceanarium

    Post by: LI
    from LinkedIn sources:

    Design works for a large aquarium complex for Vladivostok, Russia to form part of the facilities for the 2012 APEC conference ($450,000,000).
    This was undertaken some time between 2007-2010 by a company called Fairhursts Design Group Ltd.

    A Taiwanese company was involved, as well:

    Taiwanese company working on a project of Primorsky Aquarium on Russkiy Island (
    Support in logistics process, search for building materials suppliers in the country and abroad; solve organizational problems.
  7. Posts
    This theme park is also referred to as '1001 Cities'

    From LinkedIn sources:

    1001 Cities is a 140 Ha Mixed use project located in Tehran (Capital city of Iran) with around 2 Billions USD capital investments. Kurit Omran is fully responsible to develop this project. In addition to Theme Park, the core project of 1001 cities with 50 Ha land area (Largest Theme Park in Middle east), there are 5 other subprojects such as Water Park, Shopping Mall, Entertainment Street (ES), 3 Hotels and Office tower.
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