Where the original section of the Wizarding World was modeled on Hogsmeade and Hogwarts, the new section is Diagon Alley, located in London in the Harry Potter books and films.
To travel from one part of the Wizarding World to the other, visitors will ride the Hogwarts Express. The expansion will open sometime in 2014.
Universal also finally confirmed the marquee attraction at the Diagon Alley section will be based on Gringotts bank. Harry Potter fans will recall the coaster-like journey Harry, Ron and Hermione took through Gringotts in The Deathly Hallows, which seemed perfect for a theme park attraction.
While Universal notes that the Diagon Alley section will feature shops and a restaurant, it’s not clear if there will be additional rides beyond the Gringotts coaster.
There were reports last year that actors from the Harry Potter films, including Rupert Grint and Helena Bonham Carter, have shot new footage for the expansion. This footage could be used in the Hogwarts Express, the Gringotts attraction or possibly both.