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    Regarding Mission Ferrari, rumors are talking about an opening in early April with Ramadan. A more specific date mentioned would be April 2, but after 8 years we know to be very careful with rumors like that.
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    There aren't much official sources, but as far as what’s known, Mission Ferrari was never supposed to have a side-slide. It won't feature all effects that are possible in the SFX coaster.

    It looks like Mission Ferrari will have a Tilting track, a Drop Track, Several Launches, 2 screens (probably 3D) and 2 inversions.

    The possibilities with that coaster are incredible, but considering how long it's taking Ferrari World to get theirs operational, it might not be a bad idea to check with Vekoma about creating a system much like it. They already have a lot of experience with moving elements in a coaster track and undoubtedly would be able to create a good reliable ride. Of course it is not uncommon for a prototype to have delays in opening and a lot of issues in the beginning, Mission Ferrari is extreme. For Dynamic Attractions it would be good if they can open the one at Genting SkyWorlds well in time, to show the world that they can do it. Maybe the delays are not to be blamed on them, but we will probably never know for sure. Anyway, in November 2016 we had a short backstage view of Mission Ferrari and the track wasn't even close to completion at that time.

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    I have read some information but it is a bit confusing, it is said that the SFX Coaster in Genting is the first rollercoaster in the world that contains a "Slide Track" element, but isn't the Mission Ferrari also a Slide Track element? So the picture belongs to Coaster SFX in Genting?

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    There are opening Phases. The SFX Coaster was meant to open in Phase 3. Unfortunately we currently don't have information about what ride will open when exactly. As a matter of fact: It's a bit unsure if these Phases are still relevant. With the Covid-Delays it would make sense to open phase 1 and 2 at the same time.
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