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    Ocean Park to no longer be a theme park

    (Presumably due to the impact of COVID 19), Ocean Park will become free-to-enter, and will remove most of the current theme park style attractions.

    They will continue to operate the water park and some newer areas (with per-ride charges). The rest will be let out to third-party attraction providers.

    I guess this means we won't see any new coasters here (they instead mention carnival rides such as bungee jumping), a sad day for the Hong Kong theme park community.

    Its new HK$4 billion (US$516 million) all-weather mega water park, which is expected to be ready for use around August, will charge users separately, Ocean Park chairman Lau Ming-wai said.
  2. Thread: Legoland Shanghai

    Post by: JaJaWa
    Quote Originally Posted by CarlySX View Post
    Merlin Entertainments are looking for an LEGOLAND Asia Project Development Finance Director which has this listed in the job description.
    What does the Shenzhen part refer to?
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