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    New promotion video for Qiddiya park:
  2. Thread: Legoland Shenzhen

    Post by: stasia
    Here is a very interesting article about Legoland Shenzhen:

    According to the industrial development supervision agreement of the land on the Shenzhen land and mining rights trading platform, the project name is “Shenzhen Legoland Project”. The above-mentioned land can only be used for the construction of the Shenzhen Legoland Project, and the land use period is 30 years.

    In addition, the agreement also stipulates overall indicators. For example, the total investment of the project should reach more than 4.7 billion yuan; the investment intensity of fixed assets of the project should not be less than 8000 yuan per square meter; the number of people entering the park in the first full year after the project is put into operation should reach 2 million people second-class requirements
    The number of visitors to the Shenzhen holiday resort should reach two million in the first year of operation and the annual figure could double within five years of opening, according to the announcement.
    Coaster Chall made a video in which he summoned up the general information about the Shenzhen Legoland project:
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